How to know if you are becoming bald and how to prevent it


How to know if you are becoming bald? This question is a really serious question but most people tend to ignore it until it’s too late.No one wants to go bald but unfortunately, the truth is that almost all men will face the problem in their lives. However, when will you start turning bald and how much hairs are you going to lose can differ from person to person and greatly depend on genetics? Now, there are many ways a person can identify his hair loss at an early stage. The first step is to look if you are having hair fall. Now, this might seem too common but if you will not treat this at an early stage, you may have to pay for this. Hair loss is common and we lose almost a 100 hairs daily! But excessive hair fall is the problem. Look out for hairs on your pillow when you wake up, hairs on your comb when you brush and hairs falling off your head while taking a shower.

How to know if you are becoming bald and how to prevent it

Another early sign of baldness is hairline receding. Receding means to change position. One can notice hair receding if his/her hairs aren’t going in the same direction while combing or styling. Another way to notice hair receding is to identify the thinning and loss of hairs at the temple (hairs just above both of your eyebrows).The thinning of hair at the temples can leave ones hair in an M-shaped position. Hair receding is one of the first signs but people ignore it the most until it’s too late. Another important sign to look out for is your noticeable scalp. Previously, you may brush your hair and see absolutely no scalp at all, just thick black hairs. But as your hairs become thin, you will see that your skin becomes visible. Due to this your scalp also loses protection against the UV rays of the sun and is prone to sunburns. Some people think that you go bald and that’s it. But that’s not true as you pass through several steps before becoming totally bald. One of the signs is that you are noticing random bald spots on your head. These spots may be really small but will eventually end up taking all your hairs if not properly dealt with.

There are few more signs of baldness that can help you identify which includes hairs taking a longer time to grow. This can be an effect of the male pattern baldness and your hair’s growth cycle becomes shorter. Do look out for thinning of the hairs and as soon as you notice your hairs becoming thinner, it’s time to do something about it. The crown (back top) of your head is a major thinning spot of the hairs but many people don’t even notice it because they can’t see their backs until their hairs from the crown are totally gone so one needs to lookout for that. And last but not the least if your scalp itches you need to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. Although, this is not a sign of male pattern baldness but this is a sign of other conditions that may lead to hair loss.

Early baldness signs and prevention

You now probably know the answer ‘how to tell if you are going bald‘ but we need to realize that hair loss is a natural process which almost 85% of men face after the age of 50 but we must not ignore the signs and one should seek medical attention from our expert free of cost and get his honest and professional opinion by sending close up photos via WhatsApp +92-333-43-9999 as soon as one notices any of the above mentioned signs so that you can prevent yourself from becoming bald for life!

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