Eyebrows hair transplant

Eyebrows hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is performed by taking hair from donor area and placing into brow area to add thickness and natural look. There are a lot of makeup products, which help to improve thin eyebrows . However, people nowadays look more for a permanent solution. Eyebrows hair restoration surgery are intended to reestablish developing hair that are excessively meager, scarred, or absent. The non appearance of hair can be because of hereditary traits, earlier electrolysis or laser hair removal, over-pulling, thyroid or other hormonal anomalies.

Eyebrow hair transplant


Eyebrows hair transplant specialist in Lahore Pakistan 

Generally, eyebrows hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is performed by a Board Certified hair restoration surgeon who transfers your hairs from one part to another. Mainly the hair is taken from the area that has a healthy growth. The process seems very simple yet many aspects should be considered. First of all is the cost of the procedure. Secondly are risks and lastly the side effects. All these aspects will be discussed in detail.

Eyebrows hair transplant cost in Lahore Pakistan

The cost is highly variable but still moves between 75000 Rs – 125000 Rs. Depending on the facilities you are using and the intensity of the process. This surgery is not covered by health insurance as it is a cosmetic procedure. The procedure is similar to the scalp hair transplant but the grafts are normally taken from above the ears. In this process, not just the hair is transferred but the follicles are also transferred. After you are given local anesthesia, your surgeon will take the grafts from donor sites, and transplant them to the affected site. This process takes almost 2 – 3 hours.

Designing & marking 

Hair surgeon designs recipient area and similarly selects donor area before performing eyebrows hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan and patient can see his artistic designing by sitting in front of the mirror. Donor’s hairs originate from the scalp which transplanted into the recipient area, keep on growing for a lifetime and accordingly should be cut normally once every month. To give a characteristic appearance, the hairs are transplanted in a single follicular unit so that one can get natural look and appearance. This is a sensitive methodology, requiring ideal placement of these hairs into little half-millimeter entry points that are pre-determined by hair restoration surgeon at our clinic in Lahore. The utilization of all-minutely analyzed follicle permits their arrangement into the littlest potential entry points to limit scarring and harm to previously existing hairs.

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Specialist clinic for eyebrows hair restoration 

We are specialist for eyebrows hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan as this procedure will surely give you a better look. This procedure largely depends upon surgeon’s aesthetic sense, technical skills, anatomic knowledge and experience.  Brows slits should be made with 21 G or 20 G needle so that single follicular units can be placed in these slits or tiny holes, this step will not give any awkward or un- natural look and transplanted hair will merge with existing hair. Magnifier should be used while placing grafts so that angle of shaft, curvature, desire direction and depth can be given. Due to magnifier there will be less manipulation and trauma to grafts and better grafts survival. Implanted grafts can take several months to grow new hair. The recovery time frame for the procedure is generally 24 to 48 hours. You’ll see some scabs within just a few days. You may need to maintain a strategic distance from lively exercise for as long as 3 weeks following your medical procedure. Call your specialist if you experience any bleeding, or pus at the site. You’ll begin to see the transplanted hairs fallout following half a month. This is a routine. Your new forehead hairs should begin to develop in the next few months. Meanwhile, you may need to trim the transplanted hairs to eyebrow length.

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