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Bald head treatment in Pakistan is not difficult anymore. Naturally, you cannot stop loss of hairs with the increase in age but fortunately, you can reduce it. There are several causes of hair thinning or alopecia in males like stress, anxiety, trauma, unhealthy diet, any chronic disease, carelessness, hormonal imbalance and the most important is a genetic problem. These problems not only cause thinning but also lead towards the baldness in males that is worst. But unfortunately, if you are suffering from the bald head then no need to be worried there are many solutions to this problem such as the use of drugs, for example, Minoxidil used for hair therapy all over the world to treat bald head. The other thing is to change your way of living and makes it better by adopting the following habits:

  • Stop smoking it damages your lungs and also causes hair loss
  • Make a routine to take a balanced diet
  • Massage your scalp with good oils
  • Visit the doctor regularly 
  • Do not take the stress

3178 grafts Fue hair transplant bald head treatment Pakistan

Another treatment is laser therapy in this remedy laser decreases the swelling in the hair follicles and repair hair loss. But laser treatment is not effective. The most appropriate and reliable way for the bald head treatment in Pakistan is hair restoration therapy. It is a procedure in which hair from the donor area containing thick hair is taken and placed into the bald area of the head known as the recipient site. Two types of techniques are used by our hair specialist in Pakistan to cure the baldness. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplant (FUT). The most widely used technique is follicular unit extraction which involves the following procedure:

  • Administration of anesthesia at the donor site and removal of hair follicles
  • Numbness of recipient site with anesthesia to ensure no pain
  • Formation of a tiny slits in the scalp by using a sterilized needle. Grafting of hair follicles on the recipient site
  • Recommendation for pain killers and post-surgical measurements

Hair transplant surgery in Pakistan is the best way of treatment to cure hair loss. The cost of hair grafting procedure is in the range of a common person as well. The charges range from 55000 to 450000. Charges for the surgery set by the surgeons by keeping in mind the following factors Experience and qualification of the surgeons, Facilities provided by the surgeons, Quality of operational equipment, Location of the clinic. The hair restoration surgery is being carried out in Pakistan especially in Lahore with a high success rate in an affordable range of cost. You will get the following benefits after a hair surgical treatment:

  • The treatment is money saving
  • A permanent solution 
  • Enhance personality
  • Increase confidence
  • Cover bald sit of the head properly

Hair replacement surgery is the best bald head treatment in Pakistan with long-lasting and positive results. So if you are suffering from hair loss then just go through the hair implantation will provide you with the natural growth of hair without any harmful side effect. Curing of baldness through hair grafting is amazing. You will have a wonderful experience.

Bald head treatment in Pakistan cost?

To cover the full head, the patient needs more than 6000 grafts and the procedure may take 2 to 3 days. Scalp donor area grafts are not enough so our surgeon usually takes from the beard, chest and body on the second and third day so that one can get a full head of hair in a 2 to 3 days procedure. However, the price range for 2 to 3 days starts from 30,000 to 450,000 Pak Rupee. 

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