Free Hair Loss Advice Lahore

Free Hair Loss Treatment Advice Lahore

Hair loss needs to be diagnosed at a proper time otherwise you can end up in losing all of hairs. Once you noticed unusual hair fall, you need to visit a hair specialist. If you are from Lahore then you can get a free hair loss advice from our clinic. It is the condition where scalp hairs are frequently falling and leads to the baldness or partial hair fall. It can decrease the confidence level of a person and lower his or her self-esteem. Hair loss can affect personalities of both men and women. Hairs are considered a part of body that plays an important role in enhancing the beauty of both genders. This hair fall problem is widespread in different countries. It is also there in Lahore affecting males and females of various age groups. There are many causes of hair fall and it is necessary to find out the particular cause before going for any treatment. It is advised to the residents of Lahore that they initially consult their doctor or physician to inquire about the cause and severity of their problem. Free hair loss advice is also given to patients in different hair transplant clinics of Lahore. Dermatologist can suggest the best available treatment to the patient. In Lahore, doctors first advice their patients to go for non surgical treatments.  If these treatments do not produce any effective results, patients are than recommended for hair restoration surgeries. It is the important question in the mind of every patient in Lahore that how much he has to pay during the consultancy session. Only a few clinics and doctors charge money to advice their patients, otherwise it is given to patients without any cost. Those suffering from alopecia in Lahore do not need to get worried about the fees they have to pay for their initial consultancy sessions.

Patients need to make an appointment with a clinic or hair transplant surgeon before visiting them. In this way, they can get a free hair loss advice. When they will visit the clinic or surgeon, they will get advice about their problem without waiting or any charges. This free advice session helps the patients to get estimated cost incurred on transplant surgery from the surgeon. The reason is that surgeon is the only one that can give you accurate estimation after examining the scalp. He will also help in guiding you about different  treatments. He can help you in finding that whether you are a right candidate for hair transplant or not. You can ask total number of grafts you needed in your transplant in the free advice or consultancy session. You can clear many confusions and questions arising in your mind regarding transplant surgery. Free hair loss advice Lahore also helps you in choosing a right surgeon and transplant clinic for your hair restoration surgery. If you are not satisfied by the advice of a surgeon, you can visit another one because you have not wasted your single rupee. In this free advice session with the surgeon, you can also ask about the transplant method for your treatment. Surgeon will recommend you what type of transplant method you need. Online advice is provided to those patients who want to visit Lahore from abroad to get their treatment.

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  1. Tahir
    Tahir says:

    Sir, i am bald and lost my hair from frontal side. I was searching on net and found your site. I want to know where is your hair transplant clinic in Pakistan? How much does it cost for hair restoration procedure? I heard about latest laser hair transplantation procedure in Lahore -Pakistan? Can you tell me about laser surgery for hair restoration?
    Thank you

    • admin
      admin says:

      Sir,We are based in Lahore Gulberg 3 area.Hair transplant cost depends upon number of grafts.However an average session will cost you 60,000 to 150,000 Pak rupee by strip method and 150,000 to 400,000 Pak rupee for Fue procedure in Pakistan (Lahore).Latest hair restoration method is incision and stitches free and it is called Follicular unit extraction. You may read further our Fue section of this site.

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