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Whenever people search for the best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore for hair loss procedures, the first name that comes up is Dr. Ahmed Chaudhary. He is a well renowned specialist of this field who has built up his name and reputation through his skills and dedication in his work. He is highly qualified doctor who did his M.B.B.S. from the most prestigious medical university of Pakistan i.e. King Edward Medical University. He is also a specialist of Laser surgery also. He used to be the visiting associate professor at Claude Bernard University Lyon 1 in France, and is a member of International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). He is also a Diplomate from the French Board of Hair Restoration in France.

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Dr. Ahmed Chaudhary is currently providing his services at cosmoderma clinic as the best surgeon in Lahore. Not only in Pakistan, he is treating patients all over the world for more than 22 years, and now his skills are so much polished that he can perform even those procedures quite easily which other doctors of this field hesitate to do. The level of his efficiency can be imagined by knowing that he can remove 2000 to 3500 grafts in a short time of just 2 to 3 hours which a difficult feat to master. In this field, aesthetic sense is also important and a doctor without this aesthetic perception will cause no good to his patients because while planting the hair grafts on the recipient sites, angles and planes of the grafts’ placement matter a lot in order to get a final natural look. Patients themselves praise about this aesthetic knowledge of Dr. Ahmed Chaudhary when they see their scalp looking natural.

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Another reason behind calling Dr. Ahmed Chaudhary as the best surgeon of Lahore is his success rate. The results of the procedures done by him are quite remarkable. One can find the pictures of his work easily online on cosmoderma clinic website where images depicting the unbelievable conversions of his clients before and after the treatment, are portrayed. Many people have given good reviews about his excellent and consoling behavior. Before the treatment, he gives proper guidance and relieves all the worries of his patients regarding the final results. That’s why; the patients feel at ease during the procedure and remain in contact with him afterwards for further guidance and prescription relating to post operative care.

Dr. Ahmed Chaudhary is deemed as the best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore due to his skills and good command over his work. So many people have availed his services up till now that he has lost his count. To conclude the above discussion, we can say that if you are suffering from baldness and are looking for a specialist to treat your condition permanently, Dr. Ahmed Chaudhary is the best choice available. You can easily contact him for proper guidance regarding your condition and the suitable treatment method, and relieve your worries about the final results, before going for surgery.

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