Bald head treatment Pakistan

FUT hair transplant Scar

Bald head can be treated by various methods in Pakistan. Medical hair restoration is implicated in the initial stages of hair loss. However if baldness progressive and medicines do not work then hair replacement is another option. However it is also temporary solution and after few months ,fed up easily from maintenance of hair replacement system. Secondly this consists of artificial hair and according to islamic point of view Haraam.

Surgery is a permanent solution of baldness and it can be done by strip or individual follicle extraction method. This later method is called Fue procedure and more frequently demanding in nature.

Bald head treatment steps and stages 

Bald head treatment PakistanPhoto after bald head treatment frontal area by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry in Lahore Pakistan.

Crown area hair treatment Pakistan

Can we treat crown or top area of head for hair restoration? The answer is yes and to transplant crown or vertex area is more easy as compare to frontal area. However both areas need expertise of surgeon.