Hair transplant Sargodha

Hair transplant Sargodha


Hair transplant Sargodha patient traveled to our clinic for a quality procedure from foreign qualified & experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. There are few clinics in this city but due to poor quality results, many patients travel to our center in Lahore so that good quality results will reflect all life. Many patients also contacted in the past from this city due to bad results performed by the quacks / technicians or inexperienced newly established centers. Baldness is a common problem in men here so they usually consult a skin specialist initially. Normally doctors prescribe Minoxidil and Finasteride but despite all efforts , baldness is progressive in nature and ultimately sufferers start searching from the internet. The common cause among men is genetics and male sex hormone (DHT). Human body gets signals from genes and DHT hormone attaches to the root of the hair. Initially there is thinning, miniaturization and ultimately shedding. However, if patients contact us at this stage we can definitely control hair fall with good treatments like PRF and stem cells therapy.

Hair transplant Sargodha

Hair transplant Sargodha patient details 

Patient age36 years
BaldnessNW class 6
Plan2 procedures
TechniqueMicro FUE
Donor areaBack & sides
Proposed procedure July 2023
SurgeonDr. Ahmad Chaudhry

Best hair restoration surgeon in Sargodha 

Unfortunately there is no surgeon Board Certified in this city. However, many doctors from different specialties are trying their luck without proper training in this super specialty. Such doctors are producing unacceptable cosmetic results. They need proper training and supervision and every field needs perfection through training. It is difficult for these doctors to get training at this stage due to busy practices. Therefore, patients should avoid such doctors or quacks / technicians who started this field by observing one or two procedures from YouTube and producing victims of bad procedures.

Cost of hair transplant in Sargodha 

As doctors are not qualified and many technicians also started performing this procedure in this city, therefore, to attract customers such clinics offer low cost procedures in the range of 25000 to 50,000 Pak Rupee. One should not be trapped by low cost as you will suffer all your life due to bad results, infections like Hepatitis B & C. 
Can PRP treatment regrow hair ?
Hair loss common variety is genetics and PRP treatment can stop hair fall temporarily like one to two months and once its effect is over, shedding starts again. Therefore, PRP is not a permanent solution as root cause male sex hormones can not be decreased or this treatment can not slow down conversion of active form of sex hormone DHT in the body. The conclusion is platelet rich plasma can not regrow hair so no need to waste money. If you already got platelet rich plasma therapy and are not satisfied with the results, do not waste any further time. You can send us your head photos as we have more advanced options like stem cells, low level laser therapy and PRF – platelet rich fibrin. 
What is the best technique for baldness treatment?
The best surgical option is FUE- follicular unit extraction technique as it does not involve any stitches or linear incision in the donor area. Minimum discomfort and quick recovery. This technique gives excellent results if performed by an experienced and qualified surgeon. 
Top hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan 
There are many people who travel to Lahore and get their FUE procedure from Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry and happily enjoy the results & life. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry did his MBBS from King Edward Medical college Lahore and specialization from Rene Descartes University Paris France and Claude Bernard University Lyon, France. He has more than 23 years experience in this field. To get an honest, professional and expert advise you may send your head photos through WhatsApp 
Should I get a hair transplant in Sargodha or Lahore?
As this city does not have qualified surgeons so it would be better if you can drive three hours to Lahore and get your procedure free from any mistake and fault from Dr. Ahhmad Chhaudhry. The whole procedure will take one day ( 5 hours) and the next morning you can travel back after bandage removal. Although it is a little hassle, you will not regret your decision. As these results will change your personality and look impressive. You deserve the best for you

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