Hair transplant Dubai patient

A Hair transplant Dubai patient traveled abroad to our clinic for his front baldness treatment and got 2801 grafts through the Fue method. Men have the most common variety of baldness either from the front or crown area. The major cause for male pattern baldness is inheritance or genetics. Mostly despite all treatments and therapies, hair loss is progressive in nature and ends up for hair restoration surgery. There are two types of surgical treatments for MPB called FUE & FUT. The most popular is follicular unit extraction. This technique does not involve any incision or stitches and takes five to six hours duration. This procedure is performed by a qualified , Board Certified surgeon who has his specialization in this specialty. 

Mr. A.Z started his shedding a few years ago and he tried various over the counter products and also got two PRP sessions from Dubai but did not get any relief and ultimately has frontal baldness. He got information from various hair restoration clinics in Dubai and different clinics gave him an estimate of 15000 AED to 20,000 AED. He started his search in neighboring countries like Turkey, Pakistan, India and Thailand. He sent us his photos of the head where our expert surgeon gave him an estimate of 2500 to 3000 grafts for his front area. He got the same estimate from two clinics in Dubai. We quoted him 1.00 AED per graft and he happily accepted and showed willingness to proceed with it. We reserved his date for the procedure and he made his travel arrangements, purchased an air ticket , booked a hotel and came to Lahore Pakistan. 

Hair transplant Dubai patient details 

 Procedure date  27 March 2021
 Patient age  38 years
 Plan Front area
 Technique Micro FUE
 Donor area Back & sides
 Punch size 0.8 mm
 Surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
 Contact +923334309999

Grafts detail

 Total grafts Single Double Triple Days
 2801 1585 1083 133 1 day

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