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Hair transplant Southampton

Hair transplant Southampton

Hair transplant Southampton UK patient traveled abroad to our clinic Lahore Pakistan where he got his front right & left corners baldness treatment through follicular unit extraction technique. The patient started hair fall and shedding a few years earlier and tried different over the counter products to stop hair loss. Despite all efforts nothing worked …

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Hair transplant Sargodha

Hair transplant Sargodha

  Hair transplant Sargodha patient traveled to our clinic for a quality procedure from foreign qualified & experienced hair restoration surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. There are few clinics in this city but due to poor quality results, many patients travel to our center in Lahore so that good quality results will reflect all life. Many …

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Hair transplant Bahawalnagar

  Hair transplant Bahawalnagar patient traveled to our clinic for baldness treatment. He found us through the internet and saw before and after results, reviews and testimonials. Initially he called us for basic information and our professional staff explained to him that hair restoration surgery is a routine procedure and performed under the local anesthesia. …

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Hair transplant London

Hair transplant London patient got 1200 grafts follicular unit extraction procedure from our clinic abroad for his hairline restoration. Initially the patient got his first Fue procedure in Turkey and was not happy with density and results. Therefore, he decided to make his hairline thick and dense and started his research on the internet. He …

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Hair transplant Wazirabad

Hair transplant Wazirabad patient searched our clinic through the internet and sent us his head photos for initial advice. The gentleman started his hair loss a few years back and did not care about this issue. As times passed, his receding hairline was visible and the crown area bald spot also obvious. Therefore, he decided …

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