Hair transplant Sialkot

Hair transplant Sialkot Daska patient got 2200 grafts procedure from our clinic to treat his baldness problem. Patient was suffering hair loss for the last five years and now visible male pattern baldness. Initially he consulted some local clinics in his city and used some products and shampoo, despite all efforts, hair fall continued and over the years, visible pattern or patch.  He consulted again another clinic in his native town and used medicine but no relief from the problem. He started his search on the internet how to control hair fall and regrow lost hair.

Hair transplant Sialkot Daska patient started reading different information blogs, websites and articles related to his problem. It came to clear him that his hair loss is typical male pattern baldness and inherited in nature. Therefore, he concluded after reading the few blogs and articles that surgical hair replacement is a permanent and long lasting solution. He performed his search and tried to find on the internet the” best hair loss treatment” PRP hair fall control” best hair clinic” hair surgery cost “. He came across our website where he saw many before and after photos treated and operated by Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

Hair transplant Sialkot Daska patient called our front desk for basic information and our staff informed him to send his baldness and donor area close up photos so that our professional team can help you. After getting his photos through WhatsApp, our surgeon advised him on the frontal baldness hair restoration procedure via the FUE method. Patient asked us

What is FUE procedure or technique?

Our staff explained to him that we will take hair from the back and sides of head without any incision or cut and there will be no stitches as well.

How much will be the pain during or after the procedure?

As this technique does not involve stitches and incision, therefore, minimal pain or discomfort at the time of local anesthesia. Once the donor or recipient area is numb, no more discomfort or pricking sensation. 

Hair restoration Daska patient details

 Procedure date  14 March 2022
 Patient Age  29 years 
 Baldness  Norwood class 2 
 Plan  To cover right & left corners 
 Technique  Micro FUE 
 Punch size  0.8 mm 
 Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry 
 Contact  +92-333-430-9999

hair transplant Sialkot Daska

Daska hair restoration patient marking

Donor area marking grafts extraction

How to get an estimate of the cost and grafts?

To get an idea of price, take close up photos of your hair loss area as well as back & sides of the head. Send us through WhatsApp or email and our professional and expert team will give you an estimate in a few hours. 

What is the service area of the clinic?

The people from Wazirabad, Gujrat, Jhelum, Gujranwala, Lalamusa, Sarai Almgir, Pasrur and Sambrial came to our clinic for their hair loss and baldness treatment. 

Is hair restoration possible in Daska?

There are no qualified or experienced doctors in this city so many people travel to Lahore to get their male or female pattern baldness treatment. There are one or two clinics in Daska but these clinics are run by the quacks or technicians and producing lifelong complications and bad results are obvious. It is  better to travel two hours away and meet foreign qualified and experienced surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. Do not make your decision to get this procedure done from Daska otherwise all your life your donor area will be destroyed and bad results will be obvious. 

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Fue 2826 grafts before and after 

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