Hair transplant Samundri


Hair transplant Samundri patient got hair loss treatment from our clinic via Fue technique. Baldness is a common issue among male and females in this city. To control hair fall, people of this city try different homemade remedies and totka. When it does not work, they consult Hakeem for desi treatment. When nothing works and hair loss continues, initially they consult their local general physician or skin specialist. Sometimes these skin specialists prescribe lotion to apply for 4 to 6 months. At the end, when no remedy works then they start searching for a hair restoration clinic, hair loss treatment expert or PRP therapy to control hair fall.

Hair transplant Samundri patient

Hair transplant Samundri patient found our clinic through the internet and sent his photos for evaluation and expert advice. Our specialist suggested a surgical hair replacement procedure for his frontal baldness area. Our staff also sent him instructions and things to avoid before the procedure. He also got a list of basic laboratory tests. After getting his test reports, he sent us and we reserved his procedure day. He has typical male pattern baldness and positive family history. Therefore, our surgeon predicted he would end up in Norwood class 6 and he needs two procedures. First session will cover the frontal area. One year later or any time in life, he can get a second procedure for crown area.

Marking designing before hair restoration surgery

Hair transplant Samundri patient traveled to our clinic and reached in the morning at 8:30 AM. Our consultant examined his donor area density and recipient area and explained each and every detail regarding the follicular unit extraction technique. Patient asked the following questions to our specialist during his consultation before the Fue procedure.

What is the cause of hair loss?

The major cause among male is inheritance or genetic origin. It can come from the mother and father side. However, the expression of the disease or problem appears once an active form of male hormone attaches to the hair bulb receptors.

Can we prevent future hair fall?

It is a continuous battle and you need to apply lotions, take medicines, and PRP treatments sessions three to four times per year. When you surrender and do not follow these measures, visible spots of baldness will start appearing. 

 Procedure date  08 Dec 2020
 Patient Age  30 years 
 Baldness  Diffuse hair loss 
 Plan  Frontal baldness area treatment 
 Technique  Micro FUE
 Punch size  0.8 mm
 Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
 Contact +92-333-430-9999 


Is hair restoration surgery only available in big cities?

Now, this procedure is being performed by many unqualified hair technicians in small cities but people always travel some extra miles for the best results from qualified, experienced surgeons. Getting a procedure from the best surgeon, avoids unnecessary side effects and complications.

Who can get the estimate of cost?

People from any area can send us photos but mostly we receive inquiries from Faisalabad, Chak Jhumra, Jaranwala and Tandlianwala. 

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