Hair transplant Bahria town

Hair transplant Bahria town Lahore patient got frontal baldness treatment from our clinic through Fue technique. Initially the patient searched on the internet the “best hair loss treatment in Lahore “best hair restoration surgeon” and PRP treatment for hair fall control” and also called our clinic for basic information. He short listed three clinics to consult for his problem. Patient has a family history of male pattern baldness and usually Norwood class. It is also called androgenetic alopecia meaning related to hormonal and genetic components. Though there are many options to control initial shedding but sometimes genetic and hormonal components are so strong, nothing works on it. As age passes, the visible pattern of baldness reflects in the personality.

Hair transplant Bahria town Lahore patient visited clinic # 1 and he was suggested for strip + Fue procedure for maximum number of grafts. However, he did not like the idea of the FUT part of the procedure as this method involves pain, stitches and scar in the donor area. Then he visited clinic # 2 and he got the same answer that combination procedure will be the best in his case. After consulting these two clinics, he visited our clinic. He got a very warm reception by our professional staff and filled the basic data form and shortly with our specialist for his checkup and evaluation.

Our surgeon examined his scalp, donor and recipient area and asked from him, expectation regarding the procedure. He said wants to cover the front and crown area in the same or one procedure. Our specialist explained to him, we cannot cover in the one procedure as we have to take limited donor area from the back and sides of the head. Secondly if you can measure your baldness in centimeters and donor area, you have more bald or recipient area. Therefore, we have to make a plan and strategy to cover all baldness in two procedures. Thirdly, our surgeon informed him that the FUE technique will be used and we will extract the same number of grafts as the combo (FUT+FUE) method. Patient selected our clinic for his FUE procedure due to following reasons: –

1-      No stitches and No incision technique (FUE)

2-      Same number of grafts as in Combo technique

3-      Same area coverage as in FUT+FUE method

4-      Foreign qualification and training of the surgeon

5-      One the basis of experience as our surgeon has 22 years experience in the same specialty.

6-      Economic package or affordable prices

7-      Many before and after photos and reviews of the previous patients on internet

Hair transplant Bahria Town Lahore patient details 

 Procedure date  09 March 2022
 Patient age  31 years 
 Plan  Frontal coverage 
 Duration of procedure  6 hours 
 Donor area  Back and sides of head 
 Technique  Micro FUE
 Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry 
 Contact  +92-333-430-9999

Hair transplant Bahria town Lahore

Frontal baldness marking Bahria town patient

Shave before Fue procedure Lahore patient

Fue hair transplant donor area marking Bahria town

Fue 2826 grafts extraction one day later

Fue 2826 grafts recipient area

Total grafts  Total hairsSingle grafts Double grafts Triple grafts  PRP 
 2826 5807 638 1395 793 Included 

2826 grafts side viewHair transplant photo gallery

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