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Hair Transplant is a popular procedure used to treat baldness and thinning of hair. It involves harvesting hair grafts from the back or side of the scalp and implanting them into balding areas. 

Crown hair transplant specifically treats baldness of the crown or the posterior area, inclining part of the scalp, also called the vertex as it is the highest point of the scalp. Although some may not see the crown area to be as cosmetically important as it is hidden from view, it can seriously affect a person’s self-image and self-esteem. It may be more beneficial for them to undergo the procedure than to do without.

Do hair transplants work on the crown?

Albeit a little tricky, they are entirely possible. The crown area is most commonly treated for hair loss. Both the FUT and FUE method can be used to perform the surgery. The success of the procedure depends on the pattern of hair loss observed and the availability of a donor site. 

Crown area Fue hair transplant Lahore Pakistan

The crown area is difficult, not impossible, to treat because it is a curved area and experiences continual thinning of hair. It is a highly idiosyncratic procedure due to the uniqueness of balding patterns. The surgeons also want to make sure that the results look as natural as possible, so they will want to recreate the “whorl” or swirling pattern seen at the crown area. But with an experienced surgeon in a well-reputed clinic, the results will be desirable. 

Will hair grow again after the FUE hair transplant donor area?

The FUE technique entails extracting complete hair follicles from the donor area with good hair density and transferring it to the problematic areas. Since complete follicles from the donor area are removed, the hair will not grow back in those areas. But since the follicular unit extraction (FUE) involves removing individual hairs from a very dense donor area, it becomes impossible to notice the little hairless dots left over. The surrounding hairs will cover the microscopic gap left behind. So, the individual hairs from the donor site might not grow back, but the cherry-picking method of plucking the follicles and the surrounding hair hides the effect. 

Does the Crown hair take longer to grow after a hair transplant?

Generally, the vertex hair does take longer to grow than frontal hair. The usual period for hair growth after hair grafting is 6-9 months after the grafted hair has fallen out. However, the crown region can take up to 12-24 months for the hair to re-grow.

In the first 2-4 months, the new hair from the transplanted follicles should start emerging; after 5-9 months, the patient should be able to see a significant increase in hair growth. But the full effect takes place around month 12.

This slow growth may be because the region is hard and thick and does not have as rich a supply of blood vessels as the rest of the scalp. It may take a longer time, but the results will still be satisfactory.

How many grafts does it take to cover a crown?

Generally, for most patients, 800-1200 grafts are enough to convert the bald spot at the back of their head into an area that gives an appearance of thinning. About 1200-2200 grafts will be needed to close the region appropriately. A good density for the crown region would be 28-35 cm2. However, the number can vary depending on the thickness of the patient’s hair, the density of hair at the donor site, and the size of the balding area. 

Only a consultation with an expert in the field can answer for sure how many grafts will be required for a patient to achieve their desired look. One thing is for sure, the matter requires careful planning and strategizing. 

 Crown hair transplant cost

Crown hair transplantation costs can vary from patient to patient, depending on the number of grafts used. The procedure can cost anywhere between 3000-5000 euros in Turkey, up to 15,000 dollars in the US. In Pakistan, the process can cost anywhere from 75000 Rs to 150,000. 

Other factors like the expense of travel, the clinic’s reputation, the expertise of the doctor, and any post-surgery medicine, will boost the cost.

A consultation will be required from a professional to evaluate the patient’s condition and the area that needs attention.

Crown area hair transplant results

The results of the procedure depend on some technicalities that differ from patient to patient. Firstly, the goal of the surgeon is to recreate the natural whorl pattern found at the vertex. There are different angles of hair growth involved, which the surgeon will want to get right. 

Secondly, the hair at the arc, which overlays with the remainder of the crown hair, must be expertly placed, so that good hair density is achieved. Thirdly, restrictions of the donor area must be considered. There are only so many available donor follicles to cover an area as large as the crown. 

If an experienced surgeon is handling the case and the procedure is planned with an emphasis on the possible limitations the donor area may have, then the patient will surely be pleased with the results. The change from having a balding spot to a hair covered crown can be transformative for a person. It can lift their confidence and self-esteem, while also improving social well-being.


Crown hair transplant is a viable option for those experiencing balding at the vertex of their scalp. FUE method is an effective mode to conduct the surgery, leaving no visible scars. Although the donor site does not have renewed hair growth, the extracted follicles are so far apart that there is no visible effect. The crown area has lesser access to nutrients carrying blood vessels compared to the frontal region, which is why hair growth is slower but not stunted. Depending on the size of the balding area and density of donor regions about 1200-2200 grafts will be required to cover the problem site. This will differ from patient to patient which is why it is important that a professional is consulted before undergoing surgery. The cost of the procedure depends on several factors such as the clinic chosen, the experience of the surgeon, the number of grafts, and the method used. If the right surgeon is chosen, the surgery yields positive and uplifting results. 

Where can I get crown area Fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

Our hair restoration clinic is performing crown area Fue hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan for the last twenty one years successfully and the whole procedure is performed by an experienced and foreign qualified surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. 

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