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Hair transplant treatments


The advancement in the modern world especially in the medical sciences has revolutionized human lives in many positive and advantageous ways. This advancement has also reached a milestone in the field of dermatology.  Hair transplant treatment is one of the most fruitful outcomes of the revolutionized medical sciences. As we look backward, people are stressed out of anxiety and do not have any solution for their hair loss including both male and female. Home remedies were the only option to decrease hair loss and to regain hairs. But now as the world grows the advancement in the diagnostic techniques and treatments have solved this problem up to much extent and have made life much easier. There are surgical and non-surgical procedures that will help you to restore your hairs back. The procedures may include FUE (follicular unit extraction), hair grafting and FUT (follicular unit transplant).

·         What is the most successful hair transplant procedure?

The procedure that is considered gold standard these days is “FUE” (follicular unit extraction) and is considered one of the safest techniques of hair transplant. It is now adopted worldwide as people are providing reviews about its safety and ease. It’s a nonsurgical technique in which there is no scarring of stitches and the painful procedure of surgery is eliminated. It’s a hair restoration procedure that is less invasive than other traditional hair transplant treatment.

In FUE the follicles are extracted from the donor area (typically the rare part of the head) and are transplanted to the balding areas one by one. The expense of this treatment totally depends upon the number of grafts to be transplanted and the size of area where the follicles is to be transplanted and the testimonials about this procedure are very uplifting and show a faster hair growth.

·         Can hair transplant be done from another person?

The hair restoration surgery is unlike that of the other organ transplant in the body. There is no donor and recipient concept followed in the process. You are a donor of your own and same as that of the recipient. This due to that fact, that the body rejects any other substance or follicles except as that of your own. The foreign follicles will be destroyed by the auto immune responses or reactions so there is no advantage of having donor follicles form another person or from foreign source. Whereas there is an exception of identical twins.

·         Does coffee increase DHT?

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is an exogenous androgen sex hormone and is formed by the catalytic activity of 5alpha-reductase enzyme on the testosterone. Usually, the level of dihydrotestosterone is measured in the blood plasma. Results show that the level of DHT is greatly affected by the caffeine intake, thus coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, so it majorly affects the levels of DHT.

·         Is hair transplant permanent?

Usually, the transplanting procedures are generally considered as irreversible and we cannot undo its afterwards effects. Hair restoration is one of the best options for the people facing alopecia, partial baldness, or hair thinning. So, once it is done you cannot alter it and must spend your rest of your life with the same hairs. However, there are medical or dermatologic advisors that will guide you about the proper methods of maintaining your hair after hair implant surgery which your hair looks the way you wanted.

·         Can hair transplants go wrong?

Like other transplant procedures, it is also considered risky. It can alter the already present follicles or may result in total hair loss. The problems may arise due to many reasons such as, the transplant performed by the inexperienced surgeon or technician that may cause you further problems like scarring, eczema, and infections. People usually want to adopt procedures that are less expensive and do not read testimonials before and go out for surgery. These individuals may face certain problems like scaring etc. the other problems may include the wrong choice of procedure. Those individuals who directly go towards the hair transplant treatment in Lahore Pakistan or elsewhere without any diagnosis and consultation can face many difficulties, as there are many techniques specified for many different types of hair loss issues. These individuals may face the total hair loss some very serious kind of inflammatory reactions can also occur because of autoimmune response which can lead to allergic reactions, damaging of the hair follicles completely and much more. So, it is generally advised to take proper consultation from the skilled doctor or clinics before having any hair loss treatment procedure whether surgical or non-surgical.

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