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How to stop hair fall and what is a best solution? People visit to our clinic to get their advice. Many doctors prescribe hair growth vitamins and shampoo. Hair loss patients are always in search of hair growth tips. When nothing works and someone has strong genetic tendency of baldness, then definitely hair transplant in Pakistan as well as other countries is a last remedy. It is desire of all patients to get a Fue hair transplant in Pakistan due to less invasive in natures, procedure give maximum number of grafts in single session, results are comparable with strip hair restoration, less pain and discomfort and no linear scar and incision. They should read well about transplantation methods before going for any hair loss treatment. It is advised to find a reputable surgeon and clinic to achieve good results. It is permanent and economical hair loss treatment in Pakistan. Due to limited number of procedures , patients want accurate results. It is demand and requirement of every patient that he or she has cheap hair transplant in Pakistan without compromising quality of the procedure . If performed properly, transplanted hairs cannot be recognized by hair dresser, stylist and barbers.

To get good quality transplants, it is important to select such transplant methods that suits your needs and requirements. Your dermatologist and surgeon can guide you about the appropriate method you need. Two methods of transplants are currently available all over the world. Follicular transplant unit is the method that is executed by removing follicles in form of a strip. Follicular unit extraction is the other method where follicles are harvested from the scalp one at a time by the surgeon. Each of these methods has some benefits and side-effects. FUT is cost effective, economical and traditional method of transplant. FUE is painless method that gives minimum scarring. It is unable to find out which method gave the best result. Transplant surgeon will customize these methods according to your demands. If you want to get best Fue hair transplant in Pakistan, you need to keep some important things in mind. A specialized transplant surgeon is most important to give you high quality results. You can search best surgeon from the various websites. It is good to meet surgeon before making any appointment. Before and after transplant photos of different patients can also help you in getting the glimpse of a surgeon’s work. You can meet some previous patients of that surgeon and ask them how much satisfied they are from their results. Another important thing is the clinic you select for your transplant. Many clinics are still using out dated techniques and equipment. This can negatively affect the results of your treatment. Transplant clinic with skilled and experienced staff could give you the best treatment result.

Fue hair transplant Pakistan

Different surgeons and clinics advertise their services through electronic and print media and claimed to be the cheaper transplantation treatment providers in the town. These inexpert and unethical surgeons give you the worst results. It is better to spend some more money on transplant treatment because you need it once in whole life. To get best treatment you need to find the best surgeon and best clinic in your area.If performed properly it gives you the minimum side-effects after surgery. You have very low chances of graft and transplant failure. Your redness, soreness, pain and other discomfort should be vanished in prescribed time period. Wounds should be healed properly without any bacterial infection. Transplanted  follicles should re grow hair within three months of the treatment. If you are looking a specialist Fue clinic in Pakistan then Dr.Ahmad has more than 16 years experience with persistently showing excellent results. Get hair transplant in Pakistan from top surgeon ,Paris qualified surgeon.

Hair transplant in Pakistan

                                                                               Seven months after fue procedure 4245 grafts

Fue hair transplant Pakistan result

Click and Listen Fue hair transplant results video Testimonial from our international patient. 


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