Hair transplant Bahawalnagar


Hair transplant Bahawalnagar patient traveled to our clinic for baldness treatment. He found us through the internet and saw before and after results, reviews and testimonials. Initially he called us for basic information and our professional staff explained to him that hair restoration surgery is a routine procedure and performed under the local anesthesia. The whole procedure will take 5 to 6 hours and usually our team starts at 9 am and it will be completed around 3 pm. You will get enough time for lunch and you may sleep during the follicular unit excision procedure. This technique does not involve any linear incision or stitches so no more pain or numbness.

Hair transplant Bahawalnagar patient details 

Procedure date 31 Aug 2022
Age 38 years 
Plan Right ,left corner / crown 
Technique Micro FUE
Donor area Back & sides 
Baldness area 85 square centimeter
Punch size 0.8 mm
Surgeon Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry
Contact +92-333-430-9999

Hair transplant Bahawalnagar patient


Hair transplant Bahawalnagar patients usually travel to our clinic in Lahore as it hardly takes 4 hours drive. People travel to our clinic due to the best quality result performed by an experienced, foreign trained & qualified specialist Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry. The city does not have qualified doctors in this field and some technicians are performing it in this small city and producing bad results. Therefore, to get the impressive, natural look, majority people contact us through the internet or WhatsApp for an estimate of grafts and cost

Hair transplant Bahawalnagar patients usually ask for the cost so that they know in advance regarding the affordability. Our prices are very much affordable while keeping in mind the quality and infection free procedure. Our clinic uses disposable instruments so no chance for any sort of infection. 

How can I sleep after hair restoration surgery?

There will be bandage after the procedure and it will be removed 24 hours later so you may sleep on the back side of the head by putting one or two pillows. The head side should be raised so that you will not have any sort of swelling on the forehead due to the gravity effect. 

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