Hair Transplant Cost Oman

How much does hair transplant in Oman?

Hair transplant cost in Oman depends upon baldness and hair loss stages. To give you an idea follicular unit extraction is an advance technique to restore hair in the scalp or head. An average hair transplant cost in Oman is 3000 Omani Rial to 5000 Rial. Hair restoration is the permanent hair loss treatment available all over the world. The procedure is expensive in Oman so  people prefer to travel to other countries to get a low priced treatment. Oman has a good health care system and basic treatments are provided to the citizens free of cost.  Hair restoration is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are moved from one part of the scalp to another. This is helpful for those patients in the country that are suffering from male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia. In this minor hair surgery, hair follicles are extracted from the dense hair region of the head and later implanted to the bald areas. These hair surgeries provide the permanent hairs to the patients after the treatment. Hair follicles that are implanted are resistant of different hair fall diseases. Certain pre and post operative precautions are also advised to the patients.  These surgeries are expensive in most of the countries including Oman. Amount of patients suffering from hair loss and hair fall problems is increasing day by day. The prices of hair surgical treatments are cheap in eastern countries as compared to west and Europe. There are only a few hair transplant clinics in Oman, but they are charging a huge amount of fees for the treatment. Clinics in the country are equipped with latest machines and instruments required during surgery. This increases the over all price of the treatment. It is unaffordable for the most of the patients in the country to go for hair surgical treatments. These prices are also not covered by any medical insurance available in the country. This is the main reason that most of the bald patients of the country do not prefer hair surgical over medical treatments. Hair restoration medicines or ointments are much cheap as compared to transplantation in the country.Hair transplant in Oman

How much does Fue hair transplant cost in Oman?

Due to this high hair transplant cost in Oman, most of the patients usually travel abroad to get a cheap but high quality treatment. They visit the countries such as Pakistan, India, Mexico, Thailand and Singapore to get a hair surgery on a reasonable price. Average rate of hair transplant surgery in Pakistan  ranges from one thousand dollars to three thousand dollars in these countries. Patients can save their up to seventy percent of money by getting their hair implant in developed countries around the globe. Follicular unit transplant that is traditional strip surgical method is cheaper hair surgery offered in these countries as compared to other hair surgical treatments. It is estimated that average rate of single FUT graft in these countries is half dollar. In Oman, the average rate of FUT graft ranges from four to six dollars. This strip surgical treatment is cheap because it involves less time and effort of the surgeon. The other treatment that is known as follicular unit extraction is the most expensive hair surgery available in world these days. But in the developing countries, this surgical treatment is also offered at a reasonable price. Average rate of a single FUE graft is two dollars in these countries. Most of the people form the Oman travel to developing countries in order to get a cheap FUE treatment. Patients also have to pay additional money incurred in travel and hotel accommodation expenses along with the total price of the treatment.

Fue hair transplant cost in Oman

Cheaper Follicular Unit Extraction-Fue  Abroad?

As follicular unit extraction hair transplant cost in Oman is expensive and people search best clinics and surgeons abroad. Many patients send baldness photos online or through whats app for evaluation and travel to Lahore Pakistan and get their FUE procedure from Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry.  If patients want to find a low priced treatment in Oman, they need to search about clinics and surgeons from various sources such as internet. They can also compare the prices of treatment charged by different clinics in the country. Due to emergence of medical tourism, now it is easy for the patients to visit Pakistan in order to have a high quality but cheap hair restoration procedure. Visa policy is much relaxed in Pakistan and mostly people get visa on arrival at airport. Professional staff of Cosmoderma clinic will make hotel reservation, pick/drop from airport as well as laboratory tests and medicine included in the package.

Donor area after Fue procedure Day 1