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Before understanding about FUE hair transplant in Lahore, first let’s get to know about FUE technique and why we need this? Hair fall is a very horrible condition. Hairs on head are very important in making and abolishing the personality of every human being. There are a lot of reasons that people are going bald and the number of bald people is growing day by day. There could be many reasons for baldness, for instance it could be any autoimmune disease that you might have or there could stress, malnutrition and other factors that can cause hair loss. Now, doctors and physicians from around the globe are devising ways & means to figure out a way to cure hair fall. One of the many ways invented to treat baldness include, Follicular Unit Extraction.

Fue hair transplant Lahore

Fue hair transplant Lahore 

FUE is a technique in which follicles are extracted from the roots of the donor place which can either be on the scalp or any other body place i.e. beard, moustache, eye lashes, chest, legs and arms. But the question is what exactly you should do? You should first visit a doctor and consult about your physical health. FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. FUE is considered as the most famous treatment out of all other treatments available.

So, in FUE hair transplant in Lahore, the technique and procedure used is that the desired amount of follicles are removed from hair fall resistant areas in the form of grafts. The set of 1,2,3&4 hair or whatever amount you need are together called as follicular unit grafts. Instead of using some kind of conventional strip, the hairs are removed from the donor area of the body with specially designed a micro motor which contains special punches. When the follicle units are removed from the donor body or donor area, very tiny dots occur as a result of removal of follicles which do not even need any kind of stitches. Even those dots are so tiny that they are not visible with naked eye and can only be seen with magnifying glass.

Post op care

After this procedure, the patient’s discomfort level decreases and the recovery speed increases. This process is not painful exactly but can cause a mild discomfort. But the results are really good and people love this process. After having the FUE hair transplant in Lahore, the results are really breathtaking. The objective of this procedure is to get very natural and chic looking hair. The donor area from which the hair is removed is mostly unchanged and looks normal.

Every procedure has its own pros and cons. And obviously if you take FUE in Lahore, there are some pros and cons as well.

Advantages :

  • You will get rid of baldness
  • The result will be very natural
  • Long lasting results
  • Less visible scars
  • Less pain during procedure

Disadvantages :

  • The donor area required is larger
  • It is a bit more expensive procedure
  • Follicles and grafts are fragile

There are a lot of great doctors and clinics that offer FUE hair transplant in Lahore. This has appeared to be a very good and long lasting technique, worldwide.

Cost of hair transplant Lahore

The cost of the procedure depends upon technique, surgeon qualification, location of the clinic, number of grafts and result produced by the clinic or doctor. The average cost of hair transplant Lahore is in the range of 75000 to 250,000 Pak rupee. There are many clinics where procedures are performed by inexperienced doctors or technicians and these centers are producing bad results, usually attracting the patients due to low cost like 30,000 to 45000 Pak Rupee. One should  not be attracted by low cost as these centers can give you long term basis side effects, poor results and sometimes serious kinds of infections like Hepatitis B & C. 

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