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Hair Transplant cost in Oman is a bit expensive. It is a very common problem that affects most people in their lives. A permanent solution for pattern baldness is hair restoration. Patients have basic tests to identify the cause: Serum Ferritin Level, Total Iron binding capacity, T3, T4, TSH, and serum testosterone level. There are two types of techniques to implant hair. The most popular method is the FUE method, which is a healthy approach and has very minimal side effects whereas the FUE method has been a hope of ‘no noticeable scarring’ in the donor region. In FUT method skin strip is extracted from the back of the patient’s head. FUE technique causes less pain and scars as follicles are taken individually. Both of these surgeries are offered in Oman, but FUE is very costlier than FUT. Hair transplant cost in Oman differs for every process.

3000 grafts Fue results

Oman offers treatment of alopecia with all the modern technologies. The hospitals and surgeons have new facilities. Many well-known foreign surgeons visit the country, including Chinese and American doctors. Usually most clinics and hospitals provide reservations and appointments from these doctors and surgeons, but they charge heavy fees. Transplantation costs in the country are charged in Rial that are higher than usual prices, so most people prefer to travel to other countries like Pakistan, Turkey, Thailand, and Mexico to get the transplant done. For locals treatment in Oman may be appropriate, but foreigners may prefer cheap and quality treatment from other countries like Pakistan with wider options and some tourism available during treatment. However hair transplant cost in Oman is affordable for the locals. For FUE the Average price for a single graft in Oman is four to six Omani Rial. The FUT method is at a cheap and reasonable price as a single graft is one to two Rial. To get quality treatment in the country then one should do some prices research. It is to be noted that specialists perform this procedure under local anesthesia.

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The treatment process differs from one person to another as per the patients’ health conditions. It is prescribed to stop smoking two to three weeks before the operation and refrain from all medications that cause blood thinning in the body.  Drinking lots of water and fluids is recommended by the specialist doctors after the consultation. Patients notice the results after four to six months as the growth rate increases and the final results appear after a year. Patient should stay away from activities that cause excessive sweating for a period of 15 days approximately or according to the instructions of the specialists.


Four or more hours are required to complete the process depending on the situation of each person as there may be people who need more than one session depending on the number of implants required. Hair transplantation in Oman is a safe and secure procedure, but in the event of medical errors caused by little experience, it is possible to have other health problems.

Hair transplant cost Oman Vs Pakistan 

The price ranges between 2000 – 4000 Omani Rial that varies with technology and type of treatment. In Omani Clinics the appropriate environment is available with advanced modern technologies with a distinguished medical staff of highly qualified specialist doctors.

Per graft price in Oman and abroad (Lahore Pakistan)

 Grafts Oman  Pakistan 
 1000 Fue grafts 1000 OMR 260 Omani Rial
 2000 Fue grafts  2000 OMR 520 Omani Rial
 3000 grafts  3000 OMR 780 OMR
 4000 grafts  4000 OMR 1040 OMR

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the most popular method of hair transplant in Oman?

The most popular method for surgical treatment in Muscat Oman is FUE technique. This follicular unit technique has many advantages like :- No stitches, No linear scar, maximum number of grafts, minimum pain, quick recovery and we can also take hair from beard and body in this technique if the scalp donor area will be less or limited.

What is the top most hair restoration clinic in Muscat Oman?

There are very few clinics in Muscat Oman but many patients travel abroad for best quality results and low cost.

Is there any hair loss treatment in Muscat Oman?

Yes there are many skin specialists and clinics in Muscat Oman which are providing PRP, stem cells, micro needling, medicine and other options for hair loss treatment.

How many grafts do I need for my baldness?

To get an estimate of grafts, please WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999 your hair loss or baldness close up photos and our professional team will guide and help you.

How to get an appointment for a cheap hair restoration procedure abroad?

Fue hair transplant is cheaper and low cost abroad at our clinic in Lahore Pakistan and easy to afford when we compare prices here in Muscat Oman. You can get an appointment through email, submit Form, telephone call or through WhatsApp. 

How to make arrangement for traveling to Lahore Pakistan

If you live in Oman and want to travel to Lahore Pakistan for your medical treatment (Fue procedure) then you need an E-visa or you can contact nearest Pakistan embassy for information. To get a visa is easier for Pakistan.

you can make your journey with all major international flights like Oman airline, Etihad airline, Qatar, Emirate’s airline.

The international airport in Lahore is Allama Iqbal Airport. There is average 3 hours flight time.

If you need any further help our staff is ready to assist and help you in this regard.

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