Female hair restoration Lahore


Female hair restoration in Lahore is carried out from the last twenty years with a high success rate. Women and beauty conscious and hair is an integral part of their beauty. Therefore hair loss is a big problem in females as compared to males. Thinning pattern in the women is a different from males. Females mostly suffer from diffuse thinning problem; in this type thinning it occurs in all parts of the head more commonly on the front and backside of the head. DHT causes the thinning in men on the front and sides of the head. But in the case of women, DHT makes the thinning overall which makes the problem worst. It is difficult to point out the root cause of this problem in females but most contributing factors are Hormonal changes, Stress, hypothyroidism, Addison`s disease, and Hodgkin`s disease. Hair loss in women is of four types

  • Alopecia due to trauma
  • Areata alopecia
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Cicatricial alopecia

Female hair restoration Lahore

Female baldness

 Most frequent asked question is how do you come to know that you are suffering from hair loss problems and when to see a doctor? Here I am going to tell you some signs of thinning which is complete hair loss, overall thinning and Baldness spots. So do not ignore these signs and consult your specialist in Lahore as soon as possible otherwise situation may become worst. Female hair transplant is a simple procedure under local anesthesia to add more density and give volume in the scalp. Because during transplant follicle is taken from the backside of the head but in women overall thinning of hair occur which makes the procedure more sensitive. Surgical treatment for females in Lahore is common at our clinic and performed by most experienced and best  surgeon in Lahore Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry.

  1. Many specialists are performing Female hair restoration in Lahore efficiently. A lot of remedies are available for the growth of hair in women wellness with medication. Some of the commonly used drugs to cure the problem are minoxidil, spironolactone, corticosteroid, and tretinoin. These drugs have proved effective in the treatment of less volume hair. Two kinds of surgical procedures are performed to place grafts in the scalp; one is follicular unit extraction (FUE) and other is follicular unit transplant (FUT) Different centers are present in Lahore which claims to do transplant with good results. For the implantation of lost hair In Lahore, world-famous specialist Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is in your access that is foreign qualified, well experienced and well-practiced.

Female hair restoration in Lahore is getting popular due to its high success rate and positive results. As female grafting is complex treatment therefore it is a little bit expensive but still is manageable for a common person too. Fee for the surgery varies from clinic to clinic based on the facilities provided by the clinic during the procedure. Doctor charges you 75000 to 1, 50000 Rupees per session. So, if you are women and suffering from this problem then do not compromise on your beauty and contact the best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore now. You will get good results in a few days.

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