Body Hair Extraction- Scalp Success Rate

Body Hair Extraction- Scalp Success Rate


The use of body hair as a source of donor hair is a matter of question nowadays along with the body hair extraction to scalp success rate. Usually, the hairs are transplanted from the donor area in the scalp using one of the two famous techniques i.e. FUE (follicular unit extraction) or FUT (follicular unit transplantation). But these procedures fail in some cases and one has to look towards the body hair to take advantage from them. The use of body hair is made in such cases when there are some advanced stages of baldness and there are not sufficient hairs to meet the requirements of a transplant. Following are some reasons why we need to choose body hair for transplantation:

· The donor may be injured due to any trauma or accident.

·There can be damage to donor area in a previously failed hair transplant when a lot of follicles were already taken from the scalp and no more were left to extract further.

· There can be advanced stages of secondary androgenetic alopecia in which the hair on the donor occipital region are totally lost.

· Requirement of high yield in the recipient area. For example, if the skull is too large.

Areas of body used 

However, there is much lack of evidence on the body hair extraction to scalp success rate, some surgeons are doing this procedure to extract the best possible outcome out of it. The following areas of the body are used as a donor site for these kind of transplants:

·         Beard

·         Abdomen

·         Chest

·         Back

·         Arms

·         Thighs

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Comparison of body hair and scalp hair extraction

The differences can be determined by comparing the following factors:

·Body hair tends to grow thicker and longer as compared to scalp hair because this is the effect the scalp dermis has on them. This is the basis of recipient influence.

·The traditional methods of numbing the skin as used on the scalp are not that helpful with the body and they need some higher level anaesthesia to numb the pain that occurs during extraction of hair follicles from any part of the body.

· For body hair extraction, only FUE technique can be used which is quite time taking. However, when we talk about scalp hair, both FUE and FUT can be used.

·The density of body hair is lower than the scalp hair because body hair are more diffusely arranged over a large surface area.

Success rate of transplants

The body hair extraction to scalp success rate can be listed approximately as follows:

·Scalp hair extraction success rate is reported 60-80%

·Back hair extraction success rate is 29%.

·Chest hair extraction success rate is 46.7%.

·Beard hair extraction success rate is 60-70%.

·Abdomen hair extraction success rate is 39%.

·Thighs hair extraction success rate is 51%.


Thus, the body hair extraction to scalp success rate is low overall and much evidence in this regard is not available. However, surgeons and hair transplantation clinics are doing trials to prove the efficiency of this method to make it better and practical. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of the clinic which has good body hair extraction to scalp success rate in Lahore Pakistan?

Cheap hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan is well known for this procedure and its success rate as the surgeon is trained and qualified from Paris France and performing this procedure for the last many years.

How much does the fee range of body hair extraction to scalp hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan?

The average charges for body hair to scalp in Lahore Pakistan start from 100,000 Pak Rupee to 250,000 Pak Rupee. There are very few surgeons who can perform body hair to head in Lahore Pakistan and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry is the best choice.

How to get an appointment for body hair extraction or use for head in Lahore Pakistan?

You can take an appointment through call, email, submit Form or through WhatsApp +92-333-430-9999