Hair transplant price pakistan

Hair Transplant Price Pakistan- This has become a need in Pakistan now. Patients suffering from baldness find it a permanent cure for baldness. However, hair transplant prices in Pakistan may vary.Strip hair restoration is  less costly as compared to Fue treatments. Depending upon the price and budget of a patient, people opt for the kind of cosmetic surgery they are looking for. At times, other factors are also involved in a surgery, than budget. People having low budget go for a strip incision where as patients having little more budget opt for Fue. The average cost of a transplant per graft varies from clinic to clinic. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry clinic in Lahore offers reasonable prices that are affordable by patients of any field.Surgeries are usually expensive and not everyone can go for it. The quality of surgeries has improved during the last decade and also the prices have come down. Just like cell phones used to be expensive in the beginning, now cell technology is becoming cheaper day by day. You will find cell phone almost with everyone these days. The exact cost of full hair surgery is difficult to determine. You need to know how many sessions would you need in total and also how many grafts you would need. However, you can get an estimate of the full surgical procedure from your doctor. Your doctor would know exactly how many laser sessions would be needed and how many grafts shall be implanted.Hair transplant price Pakistan

If you wish to know hair transplant price in Pakistan,it is charged per graft basis. Different doctors charge differently from their patients. Some charge per session and some charge per graft, depending upon how technical the entire procedure is. The prices per graft come in $3 to $8 per graft, and $5 to $6 per graft. This is not an exact estimation but an average estimation. In total how much would be exact cost of the treatment, depends upon your new treatment and their restoration. Some patients do not need a new laser session and some may need it. Patients going through chemotherapy may need a new session after a year. It varies from patient to patient and hair re-growth. You can also use a graft calculator to get an exact estimate of your entire surgical procedure. You may need to use some special kind of shampoos after a surgery. Include that cost too. If you are only looking for an exclusive cost of transplant, then use a graft calculator or consult your doctor. Your actual graft calculation varies depending upon the head size, characteristics and hair re-growth. Using a graft calculator is not a good idea. Since everyone has different kind of hair texture and growth. Also the hair characteristics of patients vary. So to find out the exact price in Pakistan isn’t that easy. You can only get a rough idea of how many sessions would you need and how many grafts are required on your head. Hair transplant price Pakistan ‘s clinic can be further decreased by number of grafts. As number of grafts will go high, price will be decreased.