Fue hair transplant cost Lahore

Hair transplant cost in Lahore has huge variation due to various factors and reasons. An experienced hair restoration surgeon or doctor in Lahore price will be always on high end due to his skill, expertise and proven record of patient’s satisfaction regarding results. It is a surgical process of restoring hair follicles where there is baldness. It involves removal of hair from the back of the scalp and restores it to the bald part.  The procedure has become more popular in the recent past with celebrities such as Wayne Rooney, Louis Walsh and Jason Donavan opting for the same. As the transplants have become more popular, also there has been improvement in both quality and at the same time graft prices have also reduced. Online shopping has caused the prices to go down. To know an average hair transplant cost in Lahore is very important as some people might find it expensive, but weighing the costs and the benefits together the benefits automatically tend to offset the costs in the long run to the procedure being a lifelong option. Factors that contribute to the transplantation costs include; the grafts needed and the number of sessions, the treatment plan of choice, the amount of hair to be transplanted, the reputation and credentials of the surgeon and the type of ownership where the surgery is to be performed. The type is an important aspect, for if the process is performed at a private clinic the cost might be less due to the fact that they will have less overhead costs as compared to a chain of restoration clinics which have higher costs to manage and run the clinic therefore pushing more costs to the customer. The transplantation costs also vary depending on the treatment plan of choice.

Hair transplant price competition in Lahore

Hair transplant price competition in Lahore is a major factor for low cost procedure as many hair restoration clinics in Lahore started to treat hair loss problem. Does every clinic produce good results, definitely all clinics cannot produce good results, as doctors have different skills, expertise, experience and qualification. The famous hair restoration surgeon in Lahore like Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry always keeps himself update regarding this field by participating in the international hair restoration surgery conferences and live surgical workshops where international doctors exchange their experiences and techniques and learn from each other. Increased competition has caused some clinics to offer free consultations in order to be competitive in the market with the surgical procedure being offered based on per session or per graft. Over the years the cost per graft has come down from $15 per graft to a range of $3 to $8 per graft, with an average of $5 to $8 per graft. Normally as the surgical sessions increases the price per graft reduces.  The process can take an average of 1,000 to 3,000 grafts depending on the area affected. Average price of the transplant process can range $8,500 to $9,500.Manchester United’s star footballer, Wayne Rooney had hair restoration in UK that cost him up to £30,000. The surgery process is not usually covered by insurance. The average price seems to be a great bargain. As the results are long and natural, other non surgical treatments for instance maintaining alternative quality hair systems, will outweigh the surgical restoration. The alternative being a replacement system which costs $400 and this will have to be replaced annually therefore in the long run it is relatively costly as compared to surgical hair restoration. Hair transplant cost in Pakistan  is considered very attractive to international customers and every year many patients get advanced bookings and appointments.

The  procedure also carries some risk as is the norm of any surgery. Some of the risks include infection and bleeding, unnatural hair growth and itching. The itching can be relieved by a moisturizer or medication. The most common side effect can be shock loss that makes hair to fall off, but it is a temporary process.

Hair transplant cost comparison with abroad

When we compare hair transplant cost in Lahore with other countries then we find hair restoration surgery price in Pakistan is almost 70% less. An average cost for this procedure ranges 75000 to 125000 Pak rupee or 750-1200$. This price is valid for 1000 grafts through strip technique or procedure. To get more information you call direct help line +92-333-430 99 99