Hair loss treatment in Lahore (Pakistan), many clinics offer their services for hair restoration and regrowth.During the recent past, there have been tremendous research and people undergoing hair loss have been introduced to an array of options to treat this disorder. Hair re-growth treatment allows patients to slow down or totally stop the ongoing baldness process. Many over the counter medicines are available in the markets that claim to be hair re-growth treatments. However, while most of them are not very reliable or might not totally eradicate the hair loss issue, it is essential for any medicine to be approved by the medical associations of the country they are available in. Hair re-growth treatments are mainly topical tonics and lotions or supplements that need to be taken on a regular basis. It is vital for people to check their dietary content as soon as they notice any irregularity with their hair. Natural sources of vitamins and minerals are the best treatment for hair re-growth but since their results are gradual, people turn to other treatments. It is observed that the male pattern of baldness needs more attention and is more commonly due to hormonal imbalances. The male hormone testosterone can combine with other enzymes to become dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which causes hair to become weaker and eventually fall. This also causes the follicle to become weak permanently and eventually the root loses viability and the follicle diminishes from its place, causing that place to appear like an open pore on the scalp. It is essential for men to start re-growth treatment from a reliable consultant in order to restore their hair growth. In a wide variety of hair re-growth treatments available, only a few have proved to be authentic as the people who used them yielded tremendous improvement. The first step in hair re-growth treatment is to prevent DHT from reaching the hair follicle.

Medicine available  for Hair Loss Treatment in Lahore

Some of the popular medicines that are successful hair re-growth treatments include Propecia and Minoxidil. Very popular for its successful results, Propecia prevents the formation of DHT and hence controls hair loss positively. Since DHT does not have any contribution in the function of an adult male body, the production of this hormone can be totally stopped in order to maintain a healthy hair growth. This chemical composition combined with caffeine and a few other mineral boosters ensure safe and health hair re-growth treatment to men who have been suffering from hair loss. Minoxidil was a breakthrough n cosmetic medicine since it was able to reverse the process of inherited hair loss to ensure healthy re-growth of hair. It has been popular for decades as a reliable medicine to treat baldness, if used regularly. Minoxidil is massaged onto the scalp topically and while doing this, what happens during this massage is that it increases blood supply to the needed area and hence there is a rush of nutrients to the hair follicles. Once the hair follicles receive good amount of nutrients, they grow well and the Minoxidil applied to the scalp assists the whole process significantly by opening up the potassium channels that cause a further supply of nutrients and essential minerals. Other than these two famous compositions, there are many booster injections and creams available in the markets that have proved to be successful hair re-growth treatments. To get free quote for hair loss treatment in Lahore and analysis including hair transplant options in Pakistan, call our specialist for appointment. 0333-430-99 99

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