Hybrid hair transplant result

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Hybrid hair transplant result in Lahore Pakistan where scalp and beard donor area grafts were extracted and placed in the recipient area. This procedure is performed in those cases where limited scalp donor area grafts  are availability.

What is hybrid hair restoration surgery?

Some clinics called the combination of FUT and FUE technique as hybrid while we called it as Combo while others clinic called scalp donor area grafts and body grafts extraction as combined procedure hybrid. So it is the preference of the clinic and doctor. However hybrid term is widely used where body and scalp donor area follicles are used for baldness treatment in a male patient. 

Procedure date  16 Jan 2021 
 Patient age  36 years 
 Baldness  Norwood class 6
 Planning  To cover frontal half of head 
 Technique  Hybrid F.U.E
 Donor area  Scalp + beard 
 Surgeon  Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry 

Hybrid hair transplant results nine months

Male baldness pattern class six

Top view before baldness treatment

Back view before baldness

 Technique  Scalp donor area grafts  Beard donor area grafts
 Hybrid F.U.E. 2104 936

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Scalp and beard grafts hair restoration clinic Lahore

Hybrid hair transplant Lahore

3040 grafts hair transplant photo

Fue scalp donor area Lahore

Scalp donor area grafts detail

 Donor Area  Single grafts Double grafts Triple grafts Total 
 Sides & back 401 1170 533 2104

Beard donor area grafts extraction

Who is the ideal candidate for beard hair to head? 

People who have advanced levels of male pattern baldness like class 6 & 7 are ideal candidates for this procedure as they have limited scalp donor area grafts availability. To cover more area, extra scalp follicles are required like bears, chest, abdomen, back and arms. 

Beard donor area detail 

Donor area  Single Double Triple  Total 
Beard 861 75 0 936

Total grafts = 3040

Total hairs= 5351

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Hybrid hair transplant result Lahore Pakistan

70% Results after 9 months and for 100% results need to wait for 12 to 13 months 

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