Hair loss

Hair loss means that you lose the hair from the part of head or body but mostly the head is involved in this.  It is also known as Alopecia which means that interruption in the body cycle of hair production. It can occur all over the body but mostly affects the scalp. According to the American dermatologist, 80 million people deal with this problem related to aging or genetics. 100 strands shedding per day is totally normal and does not create any kind of impact on personality. And almost all hair grows almost 6 inches in a year and 1 and a half cm in a month and you lose 100 to 200 hairs per day and it’s common.

Male hair loss: 

Well, its true alopecia has more impact on men then impact on women. Almost all loss in guys is due to genetic problems that come from your parents. And other problems include too much vitamin A and not take enough protein or illness or maybe stress. Causes: The major reason for hair fall in men is due to smoking.  Smoking causes shedding. So, you should quit smoking if you want your hair thick. Doctors said that the issue does not affect your health but it affects your personality, how you look. It can be due to heredity, medical conditions and a normal part of aging. There are many people who lose their hair from the head but most common in men. The loss due to aging is so much common. Male baldness is an inherited trait and it creates a huge impact on more than half of men over the age of 50. And there are many remedies to solve the issue like Hair transplant and it’s the one of best options for baldness.

male hair loss causes

Women Hair loss:

There are a large number of conditions that can cause hair loss in women like pregnancy and also many skin conditions. And the most important, many girls dieting and not taking proper diet and due to lack of food and it cause day by day shedding. Causes: Hairs always fall out due to lack of nutrients and proteins and vitamins and if you take proper diet then you see your hairs better day by day. So, diet plays a very important role in preventing the problem. The hormonal process of testosterone is converted into DHT which disturbs the process of follicles and women face the issue. Women may lose their hairs during the process of childbirth. If it is due to hormonal changes, it is difficult to predict if it can grow back or not.

Imbalance of hormones in thyroid is one of the major causes in women. When the thyroids are overactive and underactive then the hairs start falling. Generally, females lose their hairs from the front of the head. Menopause is one of the major reasons in females over 50.

women hair fall causes

Postpartum Hair loss:  It can set in any day after your baby arrives, and sometimes it continues as long as a year. IF your baby is just a few months old and you are still losing the hairs then you don’t need to panic. Nobody is going bald due to postpartum, it’s quite normal and it will go back to normal. Most women will return to their normal hair growing between 6 and 12 months after birth. Mostly new moms notice hair fall. Don’t stress about postpartum, it’s not for a long time. By six months, it’s getting normal. 

How to stop hair fall immediately?

Eggs: Eggs are the mixture of protein and biotin. It promotes growth and stops the shedding. Protein is very important as it gives strength to the strands. Berries; Berries are a mixture of vitamins that may promote the growth. It includes vitamin C which is very important.

Fatty Fish: is a great source of proteins and nutrients and vitamins which is very good for hairs.

Coconut Oil. Messaging from coconut oil helped to increase the flow of blood. Olive Oil is also very useful for prevention of hair fall.

Using onion juice. It promotes growth. About 80% participants use this remedy and see the difference in just 6 weeks. Trying a Scalp Massage: Four minutes scalp message is very helpful.

Illness that causes hair loss: ALOPECIA IS A DISORDER THAT CAUSE HAIR LOSS .Imbalance of hormones in thyroid is one of the major causes. Menopause is one of the major reasons in females. Hairs always fall out due to lack of nutrients and proteins and vitamins AND you should take proper diet. Quit smoking for rejuvenation. Cancer, high blood pressure, Arthritis, depression and heart problems cause this problem.

Conclusion: The loss of hair is common nowadays due to many kinds of problems and yeah it affects your look, your personality and also your confidence but we can say that we also have many solutions to overcome this hair loss. 

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