Hair Treatments

Hair Treatments come in a variety and form. At times some people do not wish to go for cosmetic surgery and wish to adopt herbal and ayurvedic treatments for thinning and baldness. Adopting for hair transplant surgery is a big question. Males start losing hair because of work pressure and smoking. Too much drinking also leads to baldness. Thousands of treatment products are available in market. These are not to be used by everyone. If you want to prevent baldness, that is another issue. There is a big difference in baldness prevention and baldness cure. An old saying states that prevention is better than cure. Talking about some herbal and home remedies for baldness, different kinds of  treatments are there depending upon the kind of baldness you have. If your hair is thinning down, it is good to use castor oil and cactus oil on your hair to give them more volume. Massaging daily with olive oil is also recommended. If you have a baldness patch that is prominent, you can use onion juice on it. Take out onion juice, apply on baldness patch and leave for some hours. Hair would start re-growing. Also, kalwonji (black seed) oil is also good . Washing daily with Amla, Reetha and Sikakai is also recommended. Another  treatment is also to bring shine and provide strength to it. Make a mixture of tea and coffee in a bowl. Add boiling water to it. Stir well. Apply this water on hair and baldness would go away.

Baldness also occurs as a result of hair fall . To remove dandruff, beat yogurt in bowl and add an egg and some grinded sugar to it. Dandruff would simply go away. Applying mustard seed oil is also good . Massaging once in a week with Amla oil is also recommended to avoid dandruff and itching. These hair treatments are great and prevent baldness. Egg oil is the best remedy to prevent baldness. Massage egg oil on bald area and leave for some time. Wash with a good shampoo. Hair would become strong and baldness would go away. Castor oil mixed with almond oil and applied to head also yields great results. Kareena Kapoor uses a special  treatment once in a month on her head. She uses a combination of oils for hair massage. Coconut oil is also great for curing dandruff and dry hair.

These are all home treatments. In case the hair loss has reached an extent, where no more remedies seems to work, then you must consult a specialist. Some people have lost hair to a great extent that can only be restored with a hair transplant. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best hair experts in Pakistan. You must keep a session or appointment with your doctor about your problems. If you are a public figure, you must not take your baldness lightly and immediately start a hair treatment.