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The best Fue hair transplant surgeon in Lahore is in your access now. A few years back hair restoration surgery was not common in Pakistan. Thinning and baldness problems was a big problem to deal with because there were no facilities related to the problems. we will talk about all the facilities provided by the specialist In the Lahore and will consider causes of alopecia, techniques, procedure, benefits, complications, pre-operational precautions, post-operational measurements, and the candidates who are eligible for the restoration procedure.

The main causes are hormonal imbalance, genetic problems, stress, anxiety, trauma, and any chronic disease. Alopecia is not only confined to men but women also suffer from this problem all causes are similar in both females and males except male baldness that is confined to males only. Two kinds of surgical procedures used in Lahore to cure hair loss problems, Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and follicular unit transplantation (FUT). The most recommended technique is FUE because it is less painful and reliable. The most frequently asked question is why do we go for the hair restoration surgery? The answer is simple hair is an integral part of beauty and enhances the personality while thinning loses the confidence of the person. The procedure involves some of the basic steps like:

  • Consult the best surgeon in Lahore and meet the entire requirement
  • The doctor will inject anesthesia at the place from where the hair follicle is taken
  • Then to transplant the removed follicle at the recipient site surgeon make a small cut and fix the follicle in it

There are many best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore who claim to do the best transposition treatment but choose the surgeon exhibiting the following qualities such as highly qualified, well-practiced and experienced, clinic at a good location, well-trained personnel, and hygiene surgical equipment. The cost of the grafting treatment Lahore is different according to the technique used. Charges of FUT are from 50000 to 80000 and for FUE are 60000 to 100000. Who is eligible for the procedure? Well if you are more than 20 years and suffer from hair loss then you are an eligible candidate for the procedure. Lahore is the best for hair surgical process because of the following reasons

  • Well populated city
  • Foreign qualified surgeons are here
  • Charges are in an affordable range
  • Good facilities
  • Well trained staff
  • Numbers of clinics are more as compared to other cities

The best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore has made the complications less due to high expertise. You will get several benefits from hair restoration treatment like high-density hair, natural look, reliable and exceptional results enhance the beauty. Before the surgery make sure your medical checkup is clear and blood pressure is normal. After the surgery consider the following precaution for good results

  • Take prescribed medicines regularly
  • Do not consume alcohols for a few days
  • Do not do hard exercise
  • Avoid soft drinks
  • Do not touch the scalp to avoid any bacterial or viral infection

Definitely everyone tries to find the best hair transplant clinic in Lahore Pakistan for baldness treatment.

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