What is Follicle

What is Follicle?

Hairs growth and health is totally dependent upon the hair follicles. These follicles consist of many different parts and each of them has its own function. Hair follicle helps in growing hair after passing through three different stages. Follicle is a sac that contains roots of one to four hairs and sebaceous glands. It is responsible for the production of hairs on the skin and scalp of mammals. These follicles are present on the exterior layer of the skin that is known as epidermis. Any damage to hair follicles can cause permanent baldness and severe hair fall. In hair transplant treatment, these follicles are transferred from donor area of the scalp to the recipient portion from where they grow into healthy hairs. Hormones such as androgen and DHT harm these follicles by weaken and destroying them. Hair follicle consists of a structure that is present ton the bottom and known as papilla. It usually composes connective tissue and rarely does it show any cell division. Papilla is surrounded by hair matrix that is a group of epithelial cells. These are mixed together and merged with melanocytes. In this section of follicle, cell division often takes place and produces the hair fiber. This part of the follicle has the most increasing cells population in the human body. It surrounds the papilla from every side. It connects the hair follicles with capillaries. Root sheath of a follicle is divided into two parts; one is external root sheet and the other is internal root sheet. Hair fiber of follicle is made of a protein known as keratin. Sebaceous glands responsible for oil production in the scalp and ski are attached with the follicles. It is proven that the more dense hair have more sebaceous glands.

Hair follicles cycle pass through three phases; anagen, catagen and telogen. Anagen is known as the growth stage of follicles. It is the most active phase of the hair growth. In this stage, roots of hair started diving and hair grows up to one centimeter for the twenty eight days. Average time of the hair that stayed in anagen stage ranges from two to seven years. The time until the hairs stay is this stage is according to the genetics. After this stage, hair follicles enter into another stage known as catagen that lasts for a very short time. It usually lasts for up to twenty one days. Last stage is known as telogen that is also known as resting stage of hair follicles. In case of severe depression and stress, seventy percent of hair follicles enter into this stage before the time. This condition is known as telogen effluvium and frequent hairs can fall during this problem. This stage lasts for up to ninety days. After this, hair follicles enter into the first phase again. Hair follicles play an important role in hair growth and health. It provides those nutrients to hairs through its capillaries that help in nourishing the hairs. Follicles play an important role during the hair transplantation. In fact both methods of hair transplant are totally based on follicle transfer from one part to another. Follicles are extracted from the dense hair portion of the scalp and inserted to the hairless area from where they re grow into healty hairs.

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