Ranking of hair transplant in Pakistan

Hair Transplant Ranking in Pakistan-Hair restoration is becoming popular in Pakistan too. Countries like USA and UK have been using it since decades. Pakistan is also ranked among some of the countries of the world where hair transplants are becoming popular.It is becoming popular in Pakistan. In big cities like Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, it is becoming popular. Patients who are sick of their baldness or thin hair can go for a treatments. Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry clinic in Lahore offers best hair transplant in Pakistan. People who wish to restore their hair are ideal patients for a this procedure. It has become popular among non show business people too. Celebrities like Babar Ali, Shahod Alvi, Rahim Shah, Fakhir, Nabeel, Asad Malik and many others have undergone transplants in order to restore their hair. Due to a fast paced and stressful life, hair implant has become a necessity instead of a fashion and trend. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is best hair transplant surgeon of Pakistan. He has more than fifteen years of experience in treating baldness and hair issues.

Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry is one of the best Fue transplant surgeons of Pakistan. Baldness occurs due to a number of issues. Having beautiful and healthy hair is the dream of everyone. People with baldness patches are often shy to meet people and low self image is formed. At times due to lack of vitamin A, baldness occurs. Baldness may be genetic too. Parents with thin hair usually have kids with thin hair. Dr. Ahmad Chaudhry has a big clientele of bald patients. Fue procedure have also become popular in Pakistan. Patients who wish to avoid a single strip scar opt for Fue surgery.  Also Fue procedure is ideal for patients who wish to have a painless procedure. Strip incision costs less but has little pain. Instead of a single big graft, multiple grafts are transplanted on scalp in Fue.

Hair surgeries are becoming popular in Pakistan during past few years. Due a poor diet, lack of rest and sleep, bad medication, drugs, wrong food intake, lack of vitamins in body, lack of iron and minerals in body leads to baldness. Also because of some cancer medications and radio therapies, baldness occurs. After a patient has tried each kind of procedure for baldness the last one is to go for a permanent treatment.Many patients are scared while going for a surgery. However you need to take care of after a procedure. Great post operative must be taken after a surgery. Some patients may complain about redness and stiffness in some of the areas, but this goes away in some days.Hair restoration have gained great popularity in past some years in show business industry. Many celebrities have gone for regrowth treatment and change is visible in their styles after. You must consult your doctor and share your worries or confusions. Also make sure what kind of transplant is needed on your scalp.If we do ranking of hair transplant in Pakistan then Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry has vast experience, qualification and skill to treat difficult cases in a simple manner.