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Hair transplant Blackburn UK patient | 2576 grafts | Front baldness

Hair transplant in Blackburn UK is offered by a few clinics and doctors for hair loss and baldness treatment. There are two techniques commonly used for hair restoration called FUT & FUE. Previously FUT technique was a gold standard but due to advancement in technology and research, a new innovative follicular unit excision / extraction technique got popular nowadays. FUT procedure consists of incision and stitches in the donor area. This incision and stitches of the follicular unit transplantation procedure was a painful procedure. The current Fue method does not consist of linear incision and stitches; rather the surgeon extracts individual grafts through a motorized machine.  Hair restoration cost in Blackburn UK is normally £ 4.00 to £ 5.00 and when we compare abroad with our clinic, the price is almost 60% to 70% higher. We charge 0.45 per graft. This is the major reason people do not want to get a hair transplant in Blackburn UK and travel abroad to our clinic where a full day procedure would cost you £ 1000 including hotel stay, laboratory tests and medicine. 

Hair transplant in Blackburn Vs abroad cost 

 UK Abroad – our clinic
 1 graft = £ 4.00 1 graft = £ 0.45 
 1000 grafts = £ 4000 1000 = £ 450 
 2000 grafts = £ 8000 £ 900
 3000 grafts = £ 12000 £ 1350

Mr. A.B.A has Norwood class 6 male pattern baldness and initially he got an estimate of grafts and cost through WhatsApp. After examining his baldness, we suggested two hair restoration procedures. The first procedure consists of the frontal half of head coverage. FUE technique was selected for his treatments. We made all the arrangements like pick / drop from Airport, hotel reservation, Visa sponsor letter and safe return after the procedure. 

Hair transplant Blackburn UK

F.U.E. procedure date 30 Nov 2021 

 Total grafts Total hairs Single grafts Double Triple  Session
 2576 4253 1164 1147 265 1 day

Fue 2576 grafts


Hair restoration Blackburn patient donor area


Hair loss treatment clinic UK

How to make arrangements for travel?

If you live in the UK and want to get baldness treatment through F.U.E. technique abroad at our clinic then you need a visa from the Pakistan Embassy. All major airlines are operating to and from Lahore Pakistan. To get any further guidance and assistance our staff will be happy to help you. 

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