Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan

Cosmoderma best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan

Which is the best hair transplant clinic in Pakistan is difficult to decide as every hair clinic claim number one and pioneer. It is easier to decide which the best clinic in Pakistan is by searching from internet. There are lot of patients who are sharing their experiences with surgeons and clinic and writing on internet their honest and unbiased opinion. Second most important thing is when you visit for consultation; you may observe which clinic is forcing you for surgery so they earn money from you. This you may judge easily from their professional approach verses their greediness.


The best hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan

The best hair restoration surgeon in Pakistan will inform you all possible solution and would not force you for surgery. But those clinics that have their marketing men and hired their services, it is their duty to book every person for surgery so that he /she can get commission. One should avoid such clinics that have marketing men as they are not doctor and mislead you for hair transplant in Pakistan or anywhere in the world. You are visiting clinic for professional and honest opinion from hair loss specialist but your consultation will end up by meeting with MBA marketing person. You may ask whether he/she is hair loss treatment specialist or marketing/front desk booking agent. Beware of such marketing men and avoid such kind of clinics. Normally such kind of clinics are decorated very well and they hired some interior firms for decoration but it is another way to convince you and take your money from pocket.Before hair loss treatment Pakistan

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed Follicular unit extraction procedure at his clinic in Lahore Pakistan.

Crown area baldnes treatment Pakistan

Before procedure crown area view

Marking frontal hairline

Surgical marker used for designing and frontal hairline plus angle of future hairs determined by Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry at his clinic Lahore Pakistan.

Vertex area designing

Mega session of Fue procedure in Pakistan. Total 2545 grafts for frontal are crown area were planned.Single session of 5 hours.

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