Hair Replacement Lahore

Hair Replacement in Lahore- It is the most popular treatment of getting the hairs back and to prevent further hair loss. This treatment is also available in all big cities of Pakistan including Lahore. You can get detail information on hair restoration techniques, surgeons and clinics from different websites. It is the method of hair restoration that helps in getting rid of baldness and hair loss. Both surgical and non surgical methods of hair replacement are available these days in Lahore. These treatments are available in Lahore, the biggest city of the Punjab and one of the developed cities of Pakistan. Non surgical treatments or medications are also there to prevent hair loss and to re grow new hairs in Lahore. But these medicines needed to be used for a long period of time to get good results. So people of Lahore prefer surgical ways of hair restoration over non surgical.

Types of Hair Transplant Surgeries

There are two types of hair transplant surgeries and both of these are accessible in Lahore. One is the oldest method of hair restoration known as follicular unit transplant. In this type of surgery, hair follicles are extracted from the scalp with help of a thin metal strip from the donor area. After extraction, donor area is stapled with the help of stitches or stainless steel staples. Extracted hairs are placed under a microscope and dissected from their surrounding tissue. This method is commonly found in almost every hair loss clinic in Lahore. The second method is known as follicular unit extraction and there are only a few surgeons in Lahore that can accurately perform it. In this technique, hair follicles are removed with the help of a circular punch one at a time. This punch helps in separating the follicles from its neighboring tissue. Follicles are pulled out by the surgeon and transplanted into the recipient area. This method is considered the most effective hair replacement in Lahore. Various hair replacement clinics in Lahore can be found in different areas of the Lahore particularly on MM Alam Road, Gulberg and in Johar Town. Clinics operating in commercial and elite areas are charging more prices for hair replacement in Lahore. Clinics that are new and are located in remote areas of the city are charging less money.  Prices minutely vary from clinic to the other clinic in Lahore. Experienced and efficient surgeons are there to help patients in transplant treatment. People from Lahore and from the different cities of the Punjab came to Lahore to get an excellent and good quality hair replacement.

In last few years, cost of hair transplant surgeries come down due to a heavy competition in transplantation field. Many new clinics have been opened in Lahore that is providing treatment on discounts. Due to this healthy competition not only the prices cut down in Lahore, but the surgeons and clinics are providing excellent treatment to attract new clients. You can find hair transplantation cost, clinics, surgeons and all other relevant important information on the websites with the help of internet. On these websites, you can find the detail information about the surgeons working there. You can also get a list of persons who have been previously treated in that clinic. You can also get the contact number and address of the clinic. Online consultation is also available in some hair replacement clinics in Lahore  or you may call +92-333-430-99 99 to know about hair loss solutions in Lahore.

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