Scar Free hair transplantation Lahore

Scar Free Hair Transplantation Lahore

Hair transplant in Lahore or elsewhere are blessing for the patients who want to get their hairs back permanently. But one of the disadvantages of the method is that it can give a big scar on the scalp after the surgery. With the emergence of new techniques, now it is possible for people to have scar free hair transplant in Lahore. This technique is available in all biggest cities of Pakistan including Lahore. Hair restoration is the permanent method of hair regrowth available worldwide. It was introduced in Lahore in early 2000s. It has two primary methods; follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction. Follicular unit transplant is the traditional and old method of transplant where hair follicles are extracted from the donor area of the scalp with the help of a thin metal strip. When the strip is extracted from the scalp, this results in a linear wound. It is later stapled or stitched by the surgeon. When the wound is healed, a big scar remains there on the scalp for the rest of patient’s life. But now scar free hair transplantation clinic in Lahore makes it possible to have a transplant without any scar or mark.

With availability of follicular unit extraction method in Lahore, people residing in Lahore and Punjab can now have a pain and bloodless surgery without any scar in the end. This method was introduced in Lahore in the mid 2000s. Now many transplant clinics in Lahore offer a scar free transplantation to their patients. It costs as twice as traditional strip surgical method that ends in giving a liner scar on patient’s scalp. Average rate of scar free transplantation n Lahore ranges from eight Pakistani Rupees to one hundred and twenty Pakistani Rupees. In scar free technique, hair follicles are harvested one by one by the surgeon. A punch like instrument is used to create small circular incisions around each hair follicle. It is used to separate follicles from their surround tissue. They are pulled out by the surgeon with the help of small forceps. Tiny wounds remain on the scalp for two to three days. They turn into white tiny scars after seven days of surgery. Thousand of scars are on the scalp after scar free transplantation, but they are not visible to naked eye. After this step, tiny holes are created with the help of needles in recipient area of the scalp. Surgeon inserts the hair follicles into these sites. No visible scar is there on the scalp in both donor and recipient area. Due to the minimum scarring in scar free transplant, it is preferred by the people of Lahore.

Scar free hair transplantation in Lahore does not mean there will be no scars. After all FUE is a surgery and like other surgical procedures scaring is involved here too. This scarring is very less and minimum. Patients in Lahore that wanted to keep short hair and shave head can go for this transplantation surgery. After the accessibility of robotic devices that assist in FUE transplant in Lahore, scarring is minimized. With the help of ARTAS and Neogrfats, patients can get accurate treatment and fewer scars on the scalp. These robotic instruments are found in different transplant clinics of the Lahore. It depends upon the skills of surgeon who is going to perform the transplant that how minimum scars a patient can get in the end. Highly experienced and specialized surgeons are there in Lahore to provide scar free transplantation to the patients.

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