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PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma treatment is the kind of treatment for hair loss that do not involve any kind of surgery. Our clinic offers PRP hair treatment in Lahore. This is special for those people who do not want to have surgery in order to regrow their hair. Along with that it is beneficial for those candidates who want to control the hair loss so that they don’t get bald. PRP hair treatment actually works on the scalp and its tissues by working on the degenerative or damaged parts. It works on the damaged tissues so that hair fall becomes considerably less in a smaller time and growth can occur again. More and more people are getting PRP hair treatment in Lahore from our clinic.

How does PRP works?

In this kind of hair restoration, the candidate is given a Platelet Rich Plasma injection to the scalp. This rich plasma actually helps the damaged or shrunk follicles to get better by making them healthier and larger. The larger follicles are then able to grow new hair thus restoring hair growth at the end or the treatment. The PRP is actually a kind of serum that activates growth in follicles by activating the progenitor cells of follicles. This results in excessive and healthy cell growth in desired area of scalp and thus the follicles are repaired. This method is very important and very successful for the individuals who suffer from hair loss with ought any genetic cause or any other problem.

As this procedure so not involve any kind of surgical procedure thus it means that it is not very painful. A person might feel a little amount of pain where PRP is injected but it can be controlled by ibuprofen as well. The individual undergoing this therapy recovers in a short amount of time. Few people might feel a little swelling on forehead or scalp after the injections are administered, however the swelling subside in a matter of hour and completely diminishes in 48 hours. There is no restriction for patients to deal with their hair once the treatment is completed. They can wash their hair as usual after treatment. The PRP hair treatment in Lahore is more or less 30 minutes long. The injections are given after a localized anesthesia is administered to the scalp of a person. Otherwise a sedative can be administered to the person in order to avoid any kind of pain too. The PRP is afterwards injected to the area that requires hair fall treatment, it can be any area of scalp, of eyebrows or on the area of beard.The hair fall seems to get under control after the initial administrations. New hair growth can be observed in 2-3 months and remarkable improvement can be seen in the period of one year.

When can you take benefit from PRP hair loss treatment?

  1. It can be a great treatment for pattern hair loss in males. If the treatment is done in early ages of hair loss then baldness can be avoided.
  2. Females experiencing pattern hair loss can take advantage of this treatment too.
  3. Reduction of hair from eyebrows or beard known as Hypotrichosis.
  4. Hair loss due to iron deficiency.

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prp hair treatment permanent?

Platelet rich plasma treatment for hair fall prevention lasts for few years. However you may need one touch up session per year after two to three years.  There are many growth factors in the blood released during platelet rich plasma treatment and hair growth is stimulated in a natural way. It is suitable for male and female hair loss patients. Sometimes diffuse pattern baldness can be treated very effectively with it.  PRP is a natural, least invasive and most latest thinning of hair treatment, available at Cosmoderma clinic in Lahore.

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