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Hair transplant blog provides information about hair transplants , techniques, costs and cheap hair restoration surgery. How many number of grafts required and what are possible side effects of hair loss surgery.


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Best hair transplant in Rawalpindi

Best Hair Transplant Rawalpindi

Best hair transplant clinic in Rawalpindi Best hair transplant in Rawalpindi is a desire of every hair loss patient but unfortunately people have to travel Lahore to fulfill their wish as Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry  has clinic in Lahore  for the last…
Best hair transplant surgeon in Lahore

Fue Hair Transplant -Saudi Arabia Patient 2643 Grafts

Follicular unit extraction procedure was performed on 23rd July 2014 at hair transplant clinic. Total number of grafts = 2643 Covered area = Frontal ,mid and crown area. Hair transplant in Saudi Arabia is at high cost and patients travel…
FUT hair transplant Scar

Bald head treatment Pakistan

Bald head can be treated by various methods in Pakistan. Medical hair restoration is implicated in the initial stages of hair loss. However if baldness progressive and medicines do not work then hair replacement is another option. However it…

Hair fall solution Urdu

Hair fall solution in Urdu- Hair loss has become a common issue due to the fast paced lifestyle nowadays. A person suffering from hair loss must follow simple steps to get the right treatment from the right person. Hair fall is caused due…
Fue hair transplant Pakistan

Top ten Pakistani hair doctor

Top ten Pakistani hair doctor- Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry best hair transplant surgeon in Pakistan. He is top 1 surgeon in Pakistan. He has more than 15 years hair loss and baldness treatment experience. Dr.Ahmad is qualified from Paris France and only…
Fue hair transplant in Pakistan

What is the best medicine for alopecia areata in Pakistan

Best Medicine for alopecia areata in Pakistan- Alopecia areata is the medical name for baldness. Baldness may occur among people due to different reasons. People may get bald due to several reasons.After reaching a certain age, people start…