London Hair Transplantation

London hair transplants

Exceptional and high quality hair transplant in London is available  to treat the bald and hairless patients. The two basic methods of hair transplants are accessible in London. Average cost of treatment and information regarding transplant clinics can also be found from websites or online forums. London, the world cultural capital is also the capital city of the United Kingdom. It is located on the bank of River Thames. It is famous for education, entertainments, arts, movies, music, languages, cuisines, business, commerce, finance and research. Millions of tourists and foreigners travel to London every year t see its heritage sites and to visit different parts of the city. It is one of those cities of the world that have an excellent and outstanding health care system. When it comes to London hair restoration, several renowned transplant clinics are located in different areas of the city. It offers the best hair transplantation to the patients coming there for treatment.

London hair transplant offer the two methods of hair restoration surgeries. One of these is follicular unit transplant of FUT, the most traditional method of transplant. In this type of method, hair follicles are removed from the donor area of the scalp with the help of a strip. This strip is thee to four millimeter in length and it can remove up to five thousand hair follicles. Hair follicles extracted from the strip are placed under a microscope and they are separated from each other. Tiny holes are made with a hollow needle in the recipient are of the scalp. Hair grafts are transplanted into these tiny sites and they re grow into healthy hairs after ninety days of the surgery. The second London hair restoration method is known as follicular unit extraction. In this procedure, hair follicles are extracted from scalp once at a time. These follicles are extracted with the help of a punch like instrument. Recipient sites are created with the same method as they are made in FUT. Cost of  hair transplant in London vary from a clinic to the other clinic, but the average cost is the same. The cost of transplant ranges from three thousand Pounds to thirty thousand Pounds in London. FUE is costly as twice as traditional strip surgery or FUT. Usually, the hair loss treatment clinics of the London charge according to the number of grafts needed by patients. London is one of the cities that is offering the most expensive hair transplantation treatments. High quality transplant results are obtained after the surgical treatment in London. This is the reason that people from various parts of the world came here to get treatment despite high costs. They can get a transplant surgery on very   low cost in their country, but they prefer London because they want to get accurate and precise results.

London hair transplants clinics can be found easily on the internet. A list of transplant clinics will be there for the patient who needs treatment. These websites also have information about their contact such address and phone number. Online consultancy is also available in few clinics in London. Before and after surgery photos of already treated patients are also posted on website to give the future patients a glimpse of their work. Detailed information about transplant surgeons and assisting staff can also be found by surfing the relevant website. After collecting relevant information about London Hair Transplants, you should also estimate the cost incurred on travel expense and hotel rent if you are coming from abroad.