Laser Hair Transplant Lahore

Where to find Laser hair transplant in Lahore

Laser is an important part of cosmetic surgeries and now it is also used for hair transplant in Lahore. laser is also used for various cosmetic surgeries. Many clinics in various locations of Lahore are there to help and treat bald patients through laser.When it comes to baldness treatment, hair loss surgeries are preferred by many individuals because it is permanent and effective treatment of hair loss. In this treatment, hair follicles are removed from the back of the scalp and transplanted to the bald regions. Many surgical procedures are used to perform transplantation.  In some cases laser is also used in hair implantation. It is considered that hair transplant assisted with lasers painless and it gives minimum scarring after the surgery. This latest method of treatment through laser is also available in Lahore. Many hair transplant clinics in Lahore are exclusively providing laser assisted hair regrowth procedures. These clinics are few in number, but they are providing high quality treatment and give excellent results. Lahore is one of those cities of Pakistan that is providing most updated treatments to patients. Laser treatments in Lahore is heavily advertised in print and electronic media. Few years ago it was emerged as a method that helps in restoring hair back. Despite advertising and marketing, surgeons and medical experts are not assured about the effectiveness of this treatment. In laser surgery, tiny hole on recipient area is created with the help of laser. In this way there is less bleeding involved during creating recipient sites. Laser is used during the follicular unit extraction where surgeon uses laser beam of light instead of hollow needles in making incisions on the scalp. This technique is approved by the Food and Drug Association of the United States.

Now people  can go for laser hair restoration in Lahore at Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s clinic. A few years back in mid 2000s when laser technology was not introduced in Lahore, people have to travel abroad for treatment. But now not only the people of Lahore can get benefit from this technique, but also people from all across the Pakistan are coming here to get their treatment. It is one of the safest methods of hair transplant and patients can get their hairs back with minimum pain and discomfort. Not only patients from all over the Pakistan are coming Lahore to get laser air transplant, but people from different countries of world get their treatment from here. The reason is that this treatment is provided on a reasonable and affordable price in Lahore as compared to their home town. It means the method is harmful and helps in hair restoration.

Hair Transplant Cost in Lahore

Laser hair transplant in Lahore is provided by board certified and experienced surgeons. Most of them have completed their specialization from the recognized universities of the world. They also have many years experience in performing hair restoration with the help of laser. In Lahore, the clinics that are dealing with follicular unit extraction are mostly dealing with laser surgeries. Transplant surgeons guide the patients best that whether they need this treatment or not. The clinics offering laser transplant treatments have updated methods and latest instruments. Expert cosmetic surgeons are working there that help patients to overcome the side-effects as soon as possible.

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