How to improve hair transplant result

There are many hair transplant clinics and doctors in Lahore Pakistan performing hair restoration procedures. But every clinic or doctor can not give you best results as this cosmetic procedure needs a lot of experience, skill and expertise. The patient visited our clinic and had strip or FUT hair restoration from Jail Road Lahore.

Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed corrective Fue hair transplant at his Lahore clinic on 30th October 2014. 

Low density hair transplantOne can see distance between transplanted hairs and poor growth. This patient has hair restoration procedure from Jail Road Lahore. 

Poor hair growth

Right sided view of previous procedure performed by hair clinic in Jail Road and this patient visited Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry for correction. 

Crown or Vertex area

The patient did not have any procedure on the crown area previously. His first session was performed in the frontal area. 

Dense packing frontal hairline

Blue marking shows proposed correction hair for hair density. Before Fue procedure ,shaving of head was done. Brown spots are due to hair dye patient did few days earlier. 

Crown Area marking for Hair restoration

 Due to limited donor area we can not cover all head. Strip procedure was not possible and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry performed Follicular unit extraction on 30th October 2014. 

Donor area Fue procedure

Available Donor area for Fue procedure and to correct frontal part as well as small area on crown

Left side donor area Fue hair transplant LahoreLeft side donor area for Fue procedure. Previous strip hair transplant scar is also visible. Patient does not have donor area in the back and Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry took follicles from right and left side above the ear area. 

Previous strip surgery ScarVisible scar of previous procedure and no more donor area for Fue in the back.