Hair Transplantation Pakistan Cost

Hair transplantation Pakistan cost is not fixed and mostly doctors charge per follicle or grafts basis. Hair transplant is the best treatment for those who wanted to restore the hairs back. People in Pakistan are also suffering from hair shedding. For these patients, hair transplantation in Pakistan is the best option because it is available on a low cost in the country. Hair loss and baldness are the common problems that can be found in any country. These affect the over all personality of men and women and has many psychological consequences. Many treatments are there that help the patients to regain their hairs back. Pakistan is a country where you can find all hair loss treatments. You can either go for medicinal treatments or hair restoration surgeries. Male pattern baldness or androgenic alopecia is also common problem here. Hair loss surgery is the only solution for those who are suffering from severe hair shedding. In this surgical treatment hair follicles are used to restore the hairs in balding areas of the scalp. These surgeries are very effective, but are not preferred by most of Pakistanis. The reason is that these are very expensive if compared to other non surgical or medical treatments. The cost of hair restoration surgeries vary from one patient to another in the country. It depends upon the number of hair grafts that a patient required to conceal his balding areas. After properly examining thee scalp, surgeon estimates the total price that is needed by patient for his surgical treatment. Those who are coming from abroad have to show the close up photos of their scalp. Clinics in the country also use different method to calculate the total price that is required for a surgery. Most of the time, this price is based on total quantity of grafts. In many clinics, as the number of grafts increases, the average e rate of single graft decreases. The patients who are coming for mega session have to pay fewer amounts for a single graft. Some clinics are there that offer an overall package to the patients regardless of the level of baldness. Discounts and concessions are there for students and different professionals.

There are two methods that are available for the patients coming for hair loss surgical solutions in Pakistan. Each  method has different cost from the other due to various factors. We can find that follicular unit transplant is an expensive hair surgical treatment in the country. In this method, hair follicles are extracted at once by using a thin strip. This takes less time of surgeon and all the treatment is usually performed in a single session. This is an older method and many surgeons are there in Pakistan who have years of experience in performing this surgery on the patients. These reasons make the whole treatment cheap as compared to other surgery. Average rate of FUT surgery in Pakistan is from fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees to three hundred thousand Pakistani Rupees.  The second method that is known as follicular unit extraction is expensive in the country. In this surgical procedure, hair follicles are extracted one by one from the donor area of the scalp. This is a newer method that was introduced in the world in early 2000s. It became available in Pakistan a few years ago. There are few surgeons in Pakistan that can accurately perform this surgery. This need much time of surgeon and in 2 days full head is transplanted with more than 4000 to 5000 follicles. This procedure can give twice number of grafts in one session consisting of two days. Each day 4-5 hours procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Hair Transplantation Pakistan Cost for such procedure is charged 100 to 150 Pak Rupee.

Hair transplantation Pakistan cost

5000 Fue follicles in 2 days

The prices of hair loss treatment that are offered in the country are very less as compared to other developed countries. Patients from all parts of the world came here to get a low price treatment. In the United States, patients need to have thousands of dollars to get a surgical treatment. When the patients from there travel to Pakistan for this surgical hair restoration, they can save up to seventy percent price. Patients can compare Hair Transplantation Pakistan Cost from different websites and online forums. This helps them in finding a cheapest clinic for their surgery. They should make sure that despite low price, they are getting good quality grafts.