Hair transplant Pakistan Lahore cost

 Hair transplant Cost -Packages in Pakistan

The most frequently asked question during hair restoration consultation is price. Hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore cost is charged according to area of baldness, number of grafts, technique (FUE Vs. FUT), hair restoration surgeon experience and qualification.  However if you need less than 1000 grafts then per follicles rate is fine. However if you need mega session consisting of more than 2500 grafts then ask for packages.  Hair transplant in Pakistan Lahore cost for different packages is as follow

  • FUT 1000 grafts = 50,000
  • FUT 2000 grafts = 60,000
  • FUT 2500 grafts = 75000
  • FUT 3000 grafts = 80,000

Those who are interested to know cheap hair transplant cost in Lahore for Fue procedure in Pak Rupee :-

  • Fue 500 grafts X 100      = 50,000
  • FUE 1000 grafts X 100 = 100,000
  • FUE 1500 grafts X 80     =120,000
  • FUE 2000 grafts X 80    = 160,000
  • FUE 2500 grafts X 70    =  175000

Hair transplant Pakistan Lahore cost

Hair restoration is a procedure where hair follicles are replaced from donor area to another part of the scalp. These surgical treatments can be obtained at a lower price from Lahore. Many hair loss clinics are there to provide a cheap treatment to the patients. There are a lot of people in Lahore who are suffering from hair loss and baldness. This is the capital city of Punjab that is famous in the world for its culture and heritage. People from all around the world came here to see its historical buildings. It is one of the most developed cities of Pakistan. There are many hospitals and medical centers in the city providing high quality and best medical treatment to the patients. There are also many cosmetic surgical clinics in the country that helps the patients. Those who want to get rid of hair fall and hair shedding can came here to get hair restoration surgeries. These surgical treatments are available at reasonable prices in the city. It is a surgical procedure where hair follicles are transferred form one part of the head to another. These follicles are either extracted at once or one by one form the scalp of the patient. They help the patients in getting permanent hairs for the lifetime. This treatment helps the patients who are suffering from male pattern baldness. It is a blessing for those patients who are not affected by any medicinal treatment. In the city, many centers are there to help the patients. These clinics deal with all types of cosmetic surgeries. Hair transplant cost in Lahore is reasonable as compared to other developed cities of the world. This treatment follows all the international set standards. Initial consultancy is free in all of these clinics. Despite the low prices, hair restoration treatment is of same quality as the patients can find in leading cosmetic clinics of the world. They use all latest instruments while performing the surgical operation. They also use the updated methods during the treatment of patients.

 Patients from developed countries around the globe came here to get treatment of their bald scalp. They can save their up to seventy percent of money by getting the surgical treatment in this city. They need to arrange for travel expense, accommodation cost and air fare along with the total treatment price, if they want to get treatment here. These surgeries are not covered by any type of medical insurance available in their country. So it is very expensive in developed countries such as the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Average rate of hair surgeries ranges from four thousand dollars to thirty one thousand dollars in the United States. When it comes to average rate of hair restoration surgical treatments in Lahore, it is difficult to estimate. The reason is that most of the clinics charge according to the number of hair grafts needed by a patient. Those who need more hair grafts have to pay more as compared to the others. It is advised that if you want to know the accurate estimated price, you should visit the hair surgeon. He can tell you the accurate figure after examining the bald scalp. Those who are travelling from some other country can show the photos of their balding scalp. Hair transplant Pakistan Lahore cost is also dependent upon the method that the patients select for their treatment. Follicular unit transplant or FUT is the traditional hair surgical treatment in which hair follicles are extracted at once from the scalp. This method is the least expensive surgical treatment. Average price FUT ranges from fifty thousand Pakistani rupees to two hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees. Average rate of a single hair graft in Lahore ranges from forty to eight Pakistani Rupees.

The second method that is known as follicular unit extraction is the most expensive hair surgical method not only in Lahore, but in different countries. This method needs much effort and time of the surgeon, so a huge amount of fees is charged by the patient. Average rate of a single FUE graft in the city ranges from eighty Pakistani Rupees to one hundred and twenty Pakistani Rupees. If the patients want to get this treatment by using the latest devices, they need to pay more fees for their treatment. This method is priced as doubled as the traditional strip surgical method. Hair transplant Pakistan Lahore cost is less as compared to the treatment in other cities. But the patients can find the same high quality results after the treatment.

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