Hair transplant Malaysia

Where to go for hair transplant in Malaysia

Hair transplant in Malaysia is a treatment available to help the bald patients. These surgical treatments are offered at all leading clinics and provided by the expert surgeons. Different methods of treatments are also there for the patients. Malaysia is earning from commerce, medical and tourism every year. Health facilities are provided to every citizen. People suffering from  male pattern baldness can get hair transplant  in Malaysia.

How does hair transplant wok?

In these surgical hair restoration procedures, hair follicles are transferred from one portion of the scalp to another. The hair follicles help in restoring hairs back on the scalp for the life time. There are many hair restoration clinics in Malaysia that are providing the surgical treatments to the patients. These clinics are responsible for personal care, surgeries and after care of the patients. They have good hygiene and provide all basic facilities to the patients. Experienced and expert staff is there in these clinics to assist and guide the patients that are coming to the clinics for surgeries. All modern and sophisticated instruments are used during the surgical operations. Latest methods of hair restoration surgeries are also available to the patients. They can find about these clinics by searching from the websites. There are many hair loss forums on internet hat helps the patients to guide about the best clinics of this country. Patients can also request the previous members to guide them about the hair loss treatments in the country. There are many Fue hair transplant clinics in Kaula Lumpur-Malaysia to help the bald patients.

Hair transplant in Malaysia

Qualification of Surgeon

The surgeons who are performing these treatments in Malaysia have years of experience. They are qualified from the renowned universities of the world. They have specialization degree in the field of transplantation. They help the patients in getting minimum side-effects after the treatment. Most of them have more than fifteen years of experience in hair surgeries. Initial consultancy in the country is provided to patients without any cost. If the patients are coming from abroad, they need to send the photo of their balding scalp. These patients can get free online consultancy from the surgeon. Thousands of patients visit this country every year to get a hair restoration treatment. This treatment is cheap as compared to there host countries. Most of them are coming from the United States, Canada and western European countries. In these countries, hair surgical treatments are very expensive. Patients need thousand of dollars for their surgery. So they travel here to Malaysia in search of a low cost treatment. It is one of those countries that are providing a low price but high quality surgical treatment. The patients get same result here as they can get in there country. They can save their seventy percent of money by getting hair loss treatment in Malaysia. They need to arrange for visa, airfare and hotel expenses apart from the treatment cost. It is important for those patients to make an appointment with relevant surgeon or clinics prior their arrival. There are no hidden costs of the treatments.Fue hair transplant in Malaysia

Modern Method Follicular unit extraction

All transplant methods are obtainable from Malaysia. Patients can get any surgical method of their choice after getting advice from the surgeon. Follicular unit transplant is the most common and oldest method. In this treatment, hairs follicles are extracted from the donor area in form of a strip. This method leaves a linear scar on the scalp. Follicular unit extraction is another method in which hair follicles are extracted one by one from the scalp. This method is also available in the country for the patients who want a scar free surgical treatment. Both treatments can be obtained at a reasonable price from the country. There are robotic devices to assist the surgeon for FUE Hair Transplant in Malaysia. These machines can help in accurately providing treatments to the patients. There are less trained surgeons in Malaysia and mot of people visit our hair transplant clinic in Pakistan for best results. Our prices are reasonable and low from Malaysia while providing high quality results.

Is there any country abroad providing Cheap Fue hair restoration?

Follicular unit extraction mega and Giga session is possible in Pakistan,transplanting 2000 to 5000 follicles. The whole procedure will cost you 2000-4000 $ as compare to 8000-10,000 $ in Malaysia.Fue hair restoration clinic Malaysia

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