Hair Transplant Cost Paris

Hair transplant cost in Paris starts from 5000 to 15000 €. Hair restorationsurgery is being done almost everywhere nowadays since it provides the best solution for hair loss and baldness. In European countries like France, the cost of the procedure is extremely high and out of reach for a majority of people.

Hair loss has become an issue for a majority of people and in order to look better and fell good, they turn to the various treatments available. The hair restoration surgery provides the best solution since it not only gives a natural look but also covers baldness completely. The surgery is basically shifting of hair from an area of good growth to an area of poor or no growth. In European countries such as England and France, the cost of this procedure is exorbitant. This is due to the highly pegged currency as well as the expensive medical procedures and insurance policies. In many western countries, medical insurance is a must and hence all the procedures which are not covered by the insurance, are extremely expensive. Additionally, cosmetic procedures are always more expensive than ordinary treatments since they require more skill and caution. Hair implant surgery also requires a high degree of skill and expertise on the surgeon’s part. France is famous for its fashion and aesthetics therefore many people might believe that the best place for a hair transplantation surgery is Paris, the capital of France. However, the cost of the procedure there is between 3,000 Euros to 10,000 Euros, which is very unaffordable for a large number of people. Paris has advanced medical facilities and therefore there are qualified surgeons who can perform quality hair surgeries. Patients suffering from hair loss prefer transplantation surgery due to a one-time hassle that it causes as compared to years of laborious routines that need to be followed as part of the non surgical treatments. Hair fall treatments have proved to be successful; however the extent of success may vary. Some non surgical procedures only stop hair fall but the damage that has been done is not reversed. It is the only procedure which totally covers baldness and is so natural that it is undetectable. This treatment was initially done to conceal and treat areas that had no growth or disturbed growth due to accidental scars or birth marks. Later on, due to the success seen from these treatments, the procedure began to be used as a cosmetic surgery procedure. Nowadays, hair transplant procedures are being performed almost everywhere due to the wide demand by people. Apart from this the cost of the procedure has reduced over the years due to competition among cosmetic surgeons and doctors who offer such treatments. Even then, hair transplant cost in Paris France is exorbitant. Some countries provide cheaper hair replacement than others, such as Pakistan which is famous for its successful surgeries and less cost. However, the final cost of the surgery is totally dependent upon the candidate, as to where he wants to get his procedure. The procedure is basically done in two ways; Strip harvesting and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The Strip harvesting involves removal of a hair of strip using a sharp instrument. The area from where the strip is removed is then stapled together using stainless steel staples specially made for surgical purposes. There is a scar left from these staples on the wounded area. The strip harvested is then dissected in to smaller units and these units are then planted on the scalp where there is little or no hair growth. FUE is the more complicated and result yielding procedure. In FUE, the surgeon removes individual hair follicles from an area on the scalp with good hair growth. This method is more expensive than the strip method due to its level of skill and care. In Pakistan, the final cost of the procedure and the accommodation and travel is many times less than the cost of a procedure in Paris.

  Hair transplant cost in Paris is comparatively higher than in countries such as Pakistan, where the travel and accommodation as well as surgery cost much lesser than the procedure alone in Paris.

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