Bad hair transplant and correction

Before hair transplant surgeries were started, people hid their baldness using hats and scarves but with the advent of this method, a permanent solution for baldness was available to men and women alike. The methods of hair transplant have evolved and now the methods being used give a natural look but this was not the case since the beginning. The strip method was done previously and not all surgeons could give it the finesse and natural look that is desired by every recipient. Initially, hair transplants were much more expensive than now and everyone could not afford them. However, in case of a bad transplant, many people did not have the resources of getting follow up sessions to correct the mistake. Nowadays, surgeons are more skilled and the patients are more aware and the methods used are much more natural. The hair transplant technology in its early stages produced unnatural look and it was evident that the recipient has undergone a surgery to restore hair. This was because the hair transplant gave a ‘pluggy’ hairline and instead of making the recipient look better, it usually looked like a deformity. The hair transplant can also be described as a ‘baby doll’ hair look since the hair were planted in bunches, and the gaps were visible in between, causing it to look strange. The older methods of hair transplant included punching out circles of hair along with the skin and then moving them to the bald areas. Other methods included scalp reductions, which is the cutting out of the bald areas of the scalp and raising the two sides of hairy scalp toward the center. This caused a stretch in the skin and the hair growth appeared to be all over the scalp. This method left scars at places where the skin was joined. Then came the plantation of synthetic hair directly into the bald scalp. This procedure is now pronounced illegal in the United States. These older methods proved to be very unnatural and often appeared unpleasant, due to which more work was done to provide a natural coverage of the scalp. Other problems included poor hair direction, inconsistent hair growth, and a generally unnatural look to the hair restoration procedure. Newer technologies such as Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) have solved the issue of transplanting hair without unsightly scarring. Even then, in cases of unsatisfied customers the surgeons offer corrective surgeries to clear out the mistake made and to ensure a healthier natural look. This corrective surgery is to remove any scars or pluggy look that may have resulted from surgery and can prove successful. The repair of existing scars requires finesse and careful assessment of the problem area as well as the remaining donor supply. Different techniques are used to resolve different problems in order to give good results.  Large plugs can be removed by dissecting them into individual follicular units and planting them back in the scalp. Scars can be reduced using cortisone injections, which help in decreasing the inflammation which is often present in a scar.

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