Hair Transplant Clinic Lahore

How to find best hair Transplant clinic in Lahore

Like all the other big and developed cities, hair transplant clinic Lahore offers best treatment for hair loss and hair fall.This treatment is available in clinics that are only providing transplant surgeries. These clinics can be found with the help of internet or through online hair loss forums. Lahore is one of the biggest and industrialized city of Pakistan and capital of its province Punjab.

People from all over the Pakistan came here to get cosmetic surgeries. Many cosmetic clinics and centers are located in different areas of Lahore providing many surgeries. Hair loss treatment is also offered in Lahore. A huge number of transplant clinics are offering their services in different location of Lahore. This procedure was introduced in Lahore in early 2000s.After this, many transplant surgeons and dermatologists have opened their clinics. Before the availability of this treatment, people of the Lahore have to go aboard to get transplant. In that way, transplant was much expensive because traveling and hotel expenses were also included in the over all costs. Hair transplant clinics in Lahore are a blessing for the bald and hairless people. Now they do not need to pay extra expenses on travelling abroad. High quality treatment of international standards is available in hair transplant clinic Lahore.

How much does hair transplant cost in Lahore?

Hair  clinics in Lahore charges a reasonable and affordable amount for the transplantation. This price is nothing as compared to the other developed cities of the world. Clinics follow all the set standards set by hair restoration societies. They are equipped with latest instruments. They use the updated hair surgery techniques. They have a good and proper hygienic condition. They have experienced and efficient surgeons working there. Average costs charged by hair restoration clinics in Lahore on FUT surgery ranges from seventy five thousand Pakistani Rupees to two hundred and fifty thousand Pakistani Rupees. An average rate of a single FUT graft ranges from forty to eighty Pakistani Rupees. FUE is costly and expensive method of hair restoration. It takes eighty to one hundred and twenty Pakistani Rupees per FUE graft. Cost of per graft repair is one hundred and fifty Pakistani Rupees.

People from all over the Pakistan and particularly from Punjab visit Lahore to get an excellent hair restoration. A hair transpalnt clini Lahore can be found through advertisements in newspapers and magazines. These days due to availability of internet, it is easier to be looking for a clinic by sitting in the room and with help of a search engine. A list of hair  clinics in different areas of Lahore will come in a few seconds. Patients can get detail about them from their respective websites. Hey can also get contact number and address of a clinic. It is important to make an appointment with the clinic before visiting them in Lahore. Well experienced and specialized transplant surgeons are working in clinics of Lahore. They are offering both FUE and FUT treatments to patients in these clinics. Within the last few years, hair loss surgery  prices cut down in Lahore due to competition in transplant industry. So clinics are offering their services on a low cost, but give good results to attract patients. Citizens of Lahore prefer to visit hair  clinics  and hair loss specialist rather than spending money on medicinal treatment of baldness. It is difficult to decide which clinic is best but when we look testimonials and photo gallery then Dr.Ahmad Chaudhry’s doing best hair transplant in Lahore for the last 16 years.

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