Hair Replacement Canada

Hair replacement in Canada

Hair loss has become such a major issue that people turn to methods of hair restoration in order to cover baldness. The hair transplantation surgery is by far the best option for any patient and in Canada; it is done by skillful and experienced surgeons. Canada is one of the most developed states of the world and as much of the medical studies and researches are done in the west; the country is equipped with the latest technology and latest methods are being practiced there. The cosmetic surgery procedures are very expensive as compared to regular medical treatments and require special skills. There are several surgeons in Canada who are experienced and well qualified for cosmetic surgeries and treatments. The hair loss issue has become so common that everywhere in the world, several methods of hair restoration are being practiced to combat hair fall. These methods can be non surgical, such as the laser therapy and use of medicines and wigs to cover baldness. However, the best method of hair replacement is the hair transplant surgery, which ensures quick results and fuller coverage of bald patches. In recent years much work has been done to improve the results of hair transplantation and presently there are two main ways of this surgery. The strip method involves removal of hair in the form of a strip, which is then dissected into smaller units and planted on the bald patch. The strip is removed using a sharp scalpel and the area is stapled together with the help of stainless steel staples, designed especially for this purpose. The staples or stitches leave behind a scar, which can be concealed with the help of adjusting the length of the surrounding hairs. The plantation is done under a microscope and very few tools are used for the whole procedure. The Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method involves extraction of individual follicles from an area of good hair growth. These follicles are then planted one by one on the bald patch. The hair is usually taken from the back of the head since growth in that region is best even in cases of acute hair fall. The FUE method cannot be carried out by a simple surgeon since it requires more skill and expertise. The surgeon has to extract hair in a way that the surrounding hair follicles are not damaged. Then while planting the hair follicles, the direction and pattern of the existing hair on the scalp has to be maintained in order to yield a natural look. The hair surgery has minimal side effects and a very short healing period. The side effects of this surgery are the same as with all surgeries. The patient experiences a slight swelling and redness in the region that has been worked upon. Moreover, the patient might go through a headache, which is again due to the same reason. The only side effect that worries a patient is the shock loss. Shock loss is hair loss following a surgery and is experienced since the body is going through a phase of shock. This hair loss lasts for a short while after surgery and within a period of three months, the patient can see new hairs growing on the bald patch. In Canada, there are the latest methods of hair replacement being practiced out of which the patient can chose the one that suits him or her best.

Hair replacement in Canada is available through a variety of methods, after doing some research of these methods the patient can find that the hair transplantation method is the best. It is almost impossible to get cheap hair transplant in Canada and mostly people travel abroad for hair restoration procedure. Most of them travel Pakistan for low cost hair restoration surgery.

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