Hair Loss Clinic Lahore

Hair Loss Clinic Lahore

Men and women residing in Lahore also suffer from hair loss problem. Many hair loss clinics are located in different parts of Lahore to provide different surgical and non surgical treatments to the patients. They gave good quality results after the treatment. Lahore is one of the biggest cities of Pakistan and South Asia. It is famous in the world for its unique culture, traditions, cuisines, language and heritage. It is the most develop city of the Punjab. People from Punjab and other provinces of Pakistan came here to get cosmetic surgical treatments including hair restoration. Lahore is the city of Pakistan that has the most hair loss clinics and each of them is providing all treatments of hair restoration. It is the common problem that is found all over the Pakistan. Millions of men and women are suffering from alopecia, baldness and hair thinning due to various reasons. Hair loss clinics in Lahore help and assist them in providing treatment according to their need and requirements.You can find many clinics in Lahore especially in Model Town, Johar Town, MM Alam Road and Gulberg. You can visit these clinics and get a piece of advice regarding your problem. Well experienced and skills dermatologists and hair transplant surgeons are working there to provide you consultancy. Initial consultation in these clinics is free of any cost. Many of these dermatologist and transplant surgeons have got their specialization degrees in dealing with baldness from the recognized universities of the world. Some of them have also practiced for years in big renowned hospitals and got experience  from there.

You can get medicinal and surgical treatments from hair loss clinics in Lahore. Dermatologists will examine your scalp and suggest the most appropriate treatment for your problem. Surgical hair restoration treatments that include follicular unit transplant and follicular unit extraction are available in Lahore. FUT is the most commonly available treatment of baldness found in Lahore. In this surgical treatment, hair follicles are extracted with the help of a strip. After this, follicles are placed under a binocular microscope from where they are dissected from each other. FUE is also found in Lahore, but in a few clinics because only a small amount of transplant surgeons are there who can perform FUE surgery. In this treatment, hair follicles are harvested by the surgeon once at a time with the help of a small circular punch. This is preferred treatment of baldness in Lahore because it does not leave any linear scar after the surgery.

Each hair clinic in Lahore charges cost according to their own calculations. Some clinic charges according to the number of grafts required by patients. Many have a package and a fixed amount of cost that they charge from every patient regardless the severity of the problem. Lahore is among those cities of the world that are providing low cost hair transplantation treatments. These clinics provide the high quality and desired results in the end of treatment. These results can be compared to any big recognized transplant clinic of the world. They are updated with all latest technologies and procedures and they use the newest available instruments in their surgeries.

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