Hair Fixing Expense Pakistan

Hair Fixing Expense in Pakistan are based upon temporary versus permanent fixing procedure. Temporary method is non surgical replacement , hairpiece or wig. There are more than 20 centers for non surgical hair replacement systems. Some fix with adhesives and other with clips. What is best in your case based upon donor area , colour, textures and expectations.

Permanent hair fixing Solution

Permanent hair fixing expense in Lahore is based on area of baldness and technique of treatment. These hairs will grow and one may cut and trim those. They will grow like natural hair and it is a best treatment which restore hair permanently. Hair fixing expense in Pakistan for such kind of treatment starts from 75000 to 150,000 Pak rupee in best clinics.

Hair fixing expense Pakistan


                                              THE HAIR TRANSPLANT PRINCIPLES

First we have to know the cause of losing hair as well as baldness take place and then the hair transplant principles come into our knowledge and observation. The androgenic baldness comes into existence with the reason and now we needs to know the cause that spreads it.                                                         The analysis of the life of the hair can be distributed in three stages.

  1. Anagen stage
  2. Telogen stage

Now we discuss these three stages in detail.


Anagen stage .its cycle phase is about four years


Catagen stage . during this phase hair does not grow. So it is also called rest of hair cycling.

Its age is about 10 years.

Telogen stage. It is known as excretion period the old hair breaks by the new hair. This stage lasts in four months. It is the phase during which the hair are caught by comb or the hair brush.

This hair fall is completely simple and natural process. In the place of fallen hair, new hair grow up.This natural process is not noticeable but when new hair does not replace by the old ones,the baldness comes into existence. The shape on the peaks of skin is affected only the phenomena. The crow area having a thick hair percentage is not affected because the hair will carry on to grow whole life.It is necessary to keep in mind that the hair on the top  are different from the hair of crown area. If one has baldness on the peak, it is not because of dysfunction. The cause of falling hair lies the in the agency procedure of hair that are falling in speedily.

                       Hair transplant has its beginning in this necessary and fundamental process. The method is a kind of surgery which comes into existence from the bond of head. Then it happens the loss of upper hair.In the areas of baldness, the transplanted hair does not grow because they have not ability to grow.

                        This is only hair resource which is not wasted and considered a strategic resource of the crown for best exploration. The real technique of micrografting and ultra micro grafting is the one and only way to cover. By optimization of the crown   is more important baldness. It is easy to understand that the hair transplant consists in a redistribution. The upper hair does not give us the density of a youngster. The new hair give us the density in accordance with our age. We will have our own hair alive and growing throughout our age.