Post operative hair transplant care.It is important to follow post operative instruction advised by surgeon after a few days or weeks of transplant. If these are not followed properly, patients may get graft falling. He or she can also have some bacterial infection in the wound. Properly following these conditions can help in yielding the best transplant results. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure of hair restoration through hair follicles. It has two methods including Follicular unit transplant FUT and follicular unit extraction FUE. In FUT, hair follicles are removed from the donor area with the help of a strip. After the extraction of the strip, a linear wound is there that is staples, stitched or structured by the surgeon. FUE is another method where hairs follicles are extracted one by one with the help of a punch. Patients get wounds by both of these surgical methods, but in FUT wound is much bigger in size than FUE. Recipient sites are created with the help of hollow needles. Like other surgical methods, blood, pain, anesthesia, discomfort and wounds are also involved in these surgeries.

Post operative hair transplant care is needed to prevent infections in wounds and to heal quickly. An experienced surgeon always gives some special pre and post operational precautions to his patients. Following them is mandatory for the patient. More care is needed after FUT surgery as compared to FUE. Itching, scarring, swelling, soreness and redness are the common post hair surgical problems that need proper attention and care. These are the temporary side-effects that vanished after a few days of surgery.In post operative care, first of all it is advised avoid all those activities that can increase scalp pressure after the surgery. Any pressure in the scalp can make the grafts to fall. In FUT, it is recommended not to go for strenuous exercises or to lift heavy items after the seven days of the treatment. Avoid placing recipient area of the scalp directly under the scalp for a week after both FUT and FUE. Blood thinning medicines such as aspirins must be avoided for five days in both treatments. Quantity of drinks like alcohol, caffeine, coffee and tea should be reduced. Avoid going for swimming for at least fourteen days because chlorine present in the water of swimming pool can damage the inserted grafts. Exposing treated area of the scalp in the sun after the treatment is also very much harmful. It is best to avoid sunlight for three to six days after the treatment. But if you need to go outside, apply a sun block of more than SPF 30 on the treated area.

Post operative hair transplant care includes transplanted hairs should be shampooed gently once a day for a week. If the recipient or treated area of the scalp will be moist, patient will itchiness will be decreased. Hair must be washed after the twenty hours of the surgery. Many shampoos are available that are specifically for those who have undergone a hair transplant. Structures on donor areas will be dissolved within thirty days of the FUT surgery. Some painkillers, sleeping medicines, anti swelling pills, antibiotics and ointments are suggested to patients after the treatment. FUE patients can resume their normal activities immediately after the treatment. FUT patients have to follow some instructions to save their transplant from graft failure.