No Touch Hair Transplant in Pakistan Lahore

No Touch hair transplant in Pakistan is a recent technique in hair restoration where there is no more stitches and incision and its really no touch hair transplantation. Follicular unit extraction is performed by motorized device and its quick as compare to classic strip hair surgery.Pakistan has become a favorite for people in the west who cannot afford the high cost surgeries being done in their own countries. Lahore is a medical hub and there are numerous surgeons who ensure result yielding procedures through a vast experience and exceptional skills.

Hair loss has been an issue for a long time now, due to the changed lifestyle of people all over word. A lot of research and study has been done to restore hair growth and consequently restore the individual’s self confidence as well. The most result yielding treatment for hair loss is the hair replacement surgery. In developed western countries, there are many good surgeons who are capable of performing very natural results but the cost is so high that people consider travelling to other countries where the same kind of results can be achieved at a much lesser price. Pakistan has a progressing medical tourism due to its cheap and result yielding procedures and medical services. The latest techniques of hair implants are available in Pakistan and in Lahore, which is the provincial capital of Punjab; the medical services are most efficient and cost effective. There are two basic methods of hair transplant surgery, the strip method and the follicular unit extraction (FUE) method. The strip method involves removal of hair from an area of good growth, in the form of a strip. This strip is removed using surgical scalpels and the whole follicular layer is removed with the hair strand. This strip is then dissected into smaller units and planted on the bald patch. The surgeon requires minimal instruments to perform transplantation therefore the whole surgery can be done in a clinic as well. The patient is given local anesthesia before the surgery. The FUE method has been evolving and there are many new techniques of extracting follicles and planting them with finer punches and incision tools. The latest techniques are available in Lahore although the cost is extremely low in comparison to western developed countries. The FUE method involves extraction of individual follicles which are then planted on the bald patch. Anywhere in the world, the FUE method is more popular and due to its meticulous nature, the cost of this method is more than the FUE method. The surgeons of Lahore and the rest of the country are famous for their friendly disposition and therefore create a good environment for the patients to feel comfortable. It is essential for any patient to have a good rapport with the surgeon so that they can rid any ambiguity and ask frank questions about the procedure. This helps in building understanding of the procedure and also to get ready for the results. In this regard, Lahore is a good option for all the patients who are looking for a cheap surgery and a good result. The maximum cost of FUE  in Lahore is around Rs 200,000 which is very low in comparison to the cost in the west. This means that even if expenses of travel and accommodation are added, the total cost will be much lesser than mere surgical procedure in the western countries. Surgeons in Lahore perform numerous procedures on a daily basis and therefore their experience is undoubted. The cost of surgery is very less in Pakistan and the surgeons can also give discounts and reduction offers before a festive occasion or as a promotional strategy. The patients can benefit from such discounts and get the best results in reduced prices.

No incision and No stitches hair transplant Pakistan

Neograft hair Transplant in Pakistan

Hair transplant in Lahore Pakistan is very famous since the FUE method performed here is of quality and yet the cost is very low and the results are extremely good.